Monday, January 2, 2017

IKEA Road Trip --

IKEA is having their big winter sale now so what better time for an IKEA road trip? DH and I headed out this weekend to the only IKEA store in our state for this sale. It is about a 3 hour drive from here so we left early morning for our trek to Charlotte to IKEA.

I already have some of the tall Alex units in the craft room but I wanted to pick up one of the shorter Alex units on casters. With this smaller unit on wheels I will be able to move it around if I need to. The drawers in the shorter unit are also wider so I can fit more items in the drawers -- :0). Before this trip to IKEA I had my paper trimmer on an old kitchen cart on wheels. But the only thing on that cart was the trimmer and so changes needed to be made as that cart had no storage on it.

Cleared off the counter next to where the trimmer and cart were and moved the trimmer onto that counter. It is on the end of the counter now so I can still use that counter for card stamping or assembly. This new lower Alex unit is now next to this counter by the trimmer end. While I was at IKEA I picked up two of the Pluggis white plastic bins that I put on top of the new Alex unit next to the trimmer. These bins hold items I need next to the trimmer - in one is the baby wipes for stamping and the ATGs.**  The other bin holds my left over card stock scraps.

Still working on filling up my new Alex unit but here are some photos of some items already in the drawers. First drawer has my Fiskars trimmer -- used for plastic sheets and other items I do not want to cut with my Genesis trimmer -- also my mini scoreboards are in there. Another drawer is the new home for my WRMK Punch Boards with instruction manuals:

Another drawer holds my Stampin Up tools -- my used SU trimmer, the used SU score board, my used Paper Piercing tools, and my Piercing mats:

Here is photo to show the front of this unit:

And the white bins on top next to the trimmer:

Still organizing but am happy with this new addition. Esp since it has wheels it can easily be moved if it needs to be. Plus any addition of drawers is a good thing.... As for the ** and the ATGs. I have the yellow ATG that holds a roll of  1/2" tape as well as two of the pink ATGs that hold 1/4" tape. One of the pink ATGs is for the craft room and the other I take to card making classes. But I learned a long time ago to keep the ATG in a bin or basket or something so it does not get stuck to something I am working on at the time.

Driving all the way to IKEA has to be a worth while trip -- I bought a second of these lower Alex units with casters for my sewing room so that will be nice in there as well. Esp with the drawers for storage. I had also asked my stamping "PIC" (Partner in Crime) if she wanted anything from IKEA esp with the sale prices for the Alex units. She came over and looked at my taller Alex units and really liked how smoothly the drawers work with all my punches in there, and all the storage space the drawers offer, and the finish on them. She went home and measured her space and asked if we would pick up three of the taller Alex units for her which we did and we dropped those off to her house for her on our way home. The IKEA sale made this trip worth while and it makes for a nice day trip.

We stopped at our fav stores and stops in High Point and Greensboro and then headed home... A BIG thank you to DH for driving, loading and unloading, and for his assembly of my Alex units. Hoping to finish filling up the drawers of my new Alex unit today so I can get back to some serious card making!! TFL

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