Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Stencil Storage

Stencils . . . .  some are small, some are tall, some are thick, some are flimsy. Started out with storing the stencils on a Command hook inside the cabinet door. But some stencils do not have a hole at the top for storage so what to do with those? Then some companies sell larger stencils than others... switched from the Command hook to a large file box. But then .... bought some stencils too large for the large file box. Something new had to be figured out but wanted to have one idea and one place to keep all stencil sizes together that would keep them from getting bent or mangled or dusty. . .

Only thing I could think of is a binder with sheet protectors inside. Here is the binder:

Some photos of the stencils inside:

For the Tim Holtz Tag stencils I have two of those per protector sheet:

Can keep holiday stencils together, or store them by manufacturer, or like items. Decided to keep the Tim Holtz Tag stencils together but the other stencils will be like items or by theme. With using the binder I can store that flat or upright. Plenty of room in the binder to add more stencils if I need to and the binder protects the stencils from damage or dust. Plus I bought the binder and protector sheets from Walmart so this is not expensive to put together. At least now all the stencils are together and it is easy to flip through the binder to see what stencils there are.  TFL


Anonymous said...

Great idea Candee--while attempting to organize this summer-- I took my stencils off hooks, out of boxes and envelopes--putting them onto sleeves in binders. My situation is attempting to protect my supplies and tools from the effects of living at 7500 foot elevation, with no air conditioning thus open windows and being in the southwest --I have seen 6% humidity. My spacious work space has good lighting but is unheated so I move many supplies inside during the winter months.

I am very happy you come up with great ideas and you share them. I in turn send them on to my daughter and granddaughter.
Hugs and smiles, and thank you. Reva

Brenda said...

Looks like you found the solution to storing these stencils Candee. Looks nice and neat too! Hugs, Brenda