Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine's Sour Cream Containers

Made these Valentine Sour Cream containers to go in the treat bags I made for the gals at work. Used a piece of 5 1/2 x 4 1/4. Valentine printed card stock.  Various candies are inside.

Once my printed card stock was cut I put a piece of tear and tape on the right side of the card stock along one of the short ends:

Turned this over and put the tape on both long sides of the card stock:

Peeled off the tape on the right side of the card stock and put my short sides together so this now is in the shape of a toilet paper roll:

Pressed down on the taped seam to make sure the adhesive stuck. Then peeled off both other pieces of the tear and tape on the inside of my holder. Folded the bottom closed being sure my taped seam is off center:

Once the bottom was closed I went over it using a crimper. Added my candies and closed the other end at an angle:

Used the crimper again to close this end. For the front of the containers I used glittered foam hearts from the dollar store and I used a heart punch and punched out smaller hearts from foil card stock and put the smaller hearts in the center of the foam hearts. Put these onto the containers using the tear and tape. Easy treat holder to make but if you are using directional patterned card stocks be sure you do not have your designs upside down.  TFL

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Brenda said...

I haven't made this treat container in so long, but it has always been one of my favorite treat containers. Well done! Hugs, Brenda