Thursday, March 30, 2017

Where there's a will . . .

Where there's a will.... there has to be a way ....

Am a follower on a blog, (Wanda Guess), and she posted the cutest Easter treat bag with bunny. I read through her post for tips and tricks and products used. She had mentioned she was hesitant to buy this treat bag die set due to the price but she knows it will be a treat bag die set she will get a lot of use from. Here are her bunny treat bags for Easter:

Here is the link to her blog:

Both the Favor Bag die set as well as the Accessory Bunny Creative Cuts die set are by Mama Elephant. Her link on her blog post to products brings you to SimonSaysStamp for the Favor Bag die for $57.59 and the Accessory Bunny Creative Cuts die set was $21.59. I did not want to pay their price so I searched around.

I found carries the Mama Elephant brand so I searched on that. They are sold out of the Favor Bag die set but I was able to buy the Accessory Bunny Creative Cuts die set for $18.00. I could not find another online store that carried the Favor Bag die set but decided I would try to order from Mama Elephant myself .. but did not know if they had an online store or was just a supplier to other online stores as I have only bought their brand at stamp stores or from in the past. . Happy to say they do have an online store and my Favor Bag die set was ordered for $36.00.

When I buy any treat box or bag dies I really think it over due to their higher prices than other die sets. But this size bag is perfect for treats or a small gift and as Wanda says on her blog you can get one bag from a sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" card stock. For holidays I use a lot of the gift bags from the dollar store so over time using this die will save money on my treat bags.

Thanks to Wanda for showing this cute Easter treat bag and sharing tips for putting it altogether. Like her I also hope that Mama Elephant puts out other animal or accessory dies for the Favor Bag die set. Once my die sets arrive I will be making my Easter Favor Bag treat holders and I will post my photos of them on my blog. TFL

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