Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Change can be good . . .

Decided storing all my Stampin Up cling/clear stamp sets in the DVD cases they arrive in was no longer working. The DVD cases take up too much space in the craft room and that had to be changed. Awhile back I had converted my other cling/clear stamp storage to the infamous Avery Elle clear pockets stored in clear bins. Storing the stamp sets this way not only is a space saver but makes it easier to find a stamp set since I have dividers for the themes.

But.... Stampin Up is another story. Their cling/clear stamp sets arrive in a DVD case with an stamp index sheet insert. This is a good storage idea unless you run out of space or the DVD case cracks or the plastic cover film over the case should be torn.

Having extra Avery Elle clear pockets on hand (thanks to Daphne and the Paper Muse in Matthews, NC) I decided it was time to change my Stampin Up stamp set storage. Here is a photo to show the space saving clear pockets VS the DVD stamp cases these stamp sets came out of:

As my other stamp sets are I will store the Stampin Up stamp sets in the clear pockets in clear bins on my stamp storage shelf.  For each envelope I cut a piece of white/GP card stock 5 1/8 x 7.  Took the stamp sets out of the DVD cases with the index sheet insert. I folded flat the side of the index sheet which was on the spine of the DVD case with the stamp set title. In the clear pocket I put in the index sheet insert. Then put in the white/GP piece of card stock. Then slid in the stamp set -- see photos:

These clear pockets store clear as well as cling stamp sets. The clear stamp set on the left was bought as a bundle and the die set is behind the stamp set behind the white/GP card stock in the same clear pocket:

I keep the die sets on magnetic sheets so all the die pieces are not thrown into the clear pocket or lost. One problem has surfaced -- some of the cling Stampin Up stamp sets I have are stamp sets I have bought used from stampers sales here and there. Some of those stamp sets just have the stamps thrown in the DVD case without the piece of rubber they came with as some stampers discard the larger rubber sheets after they receive the stamp sets. I have put those loose stamps on clear sheets cut to size to fit the clear pockets and put the white/GP card stock in there with the index sheet insert. I no longer will even buy a Stampin Up cling mount stamp set without the larger rubber sheet for storing the stamps. Too many times I have opened one of these stamp sets in the DVD case and the loose stamps fall out all over the floor or the table or whatever.

As for what order I keep the Stampin Up stamp sets in the bin - I have a master sheet of all the Stampin Up stamp sets I have -- both wood mount and clear/cling mount. Therefore I keep the Stampin Up stamp sets alphabetical by title in the bin for storage. My master sheet has a W next to the title so I know that is a wood mount stamp set and for the few of those sets I have left I keep those nearby on a shelf.

In the clear pocket I have the index sheet insert in the front and the stamps are in the back so I can pull out a clear pocket and flip it over to see the actual stamp set for size, etc. I also have a system I have used for the clear pockets. I punched out 1/4" circles from red card stock and if that stamp set has a matching punch for it I put a red circle on the clear pocket by the title on the stamp index sheet insert using a glue dot. If it should have a matching die or full die set I have put a black circle on the clear pocket. This way, at a glance, I will know that I have accessories that work with that stamp set.

I have cut out a bunch of the white/GP card stock to fit the clear pockets and it is not taking long to convert all the stamp sets to the clear pockets. It certainly takes up less space and the bins make it much easier to just take the stamp sets to the work table or counter rather than having to balance all these DVD cases if I am working on holiday cards or using multiple stamp sets for a project. TFL

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