Sunday, May 7, 2017

Stamping Sale

Yesterday was the Used Stamp Sale held at Stamper's Alley in Mooresville, NC. My stamping PIC (Partner In Crime) and I signed up for this sale back in January. We packed our no longer used stamping items and DH was nice enough to drive us to Mooresville for this sale. He set up our tables, helped to unload the truck, and helped us with our customers yesterday. A big thank you to DH for all he did to help us have a successful sale.

This sale is held in the parking lot of Stamper's Alley and each seller pays for their spot for the sale that is from 8AM -1PM. The sellers handle their own cash and their own items for sale. The buyers bring their own tote bags and shop as they wish. We were busy from the time the sale began until the end. It was very successful and we did quite well -- we had done other used stamp supply sales at another store but this sale yesterday was so much better. Stamper's Alley advertises this used stamp sale in advance and we had a good crowd. Stamper's Alley does not keep a portion of the seller's sale profits -- all the seller pays them is the rental fee for their spot. Here is a photo of the sale parking lot as sellers were pulling in and setting up just before the sale started:

The parking lot filled up with sellers and shoppers by 8:15AM and we had a fast paced day and pretty much busy for the whole sale. Many shoppers shop this sale as they travel through the area. Lots of out of state plates on cars pulling in the parking lot for shopping.

My spot is the second one on the left--blue canopies and black table cloths. It was a dreary morning but right after all the sellers got there and set up the sun came out and the shopping began. Perfect timing!!

Once our spot was set up and ready for shopping my PIC and I shopped other sellers at the sale. I picked up three Stampin Up cling mount stamp sets:

Paid $5 or less for each set -- two brand new and only one of the stamps in the Greatest Greetings stamp set had been used. I also bought two Stampin Up die sets:

The SU die sets were a third of the original catalog price and will certainly get a lot of use in the craft room. Other dies I bought:

Also bought the Sizzix take out box die not shown in the above photos.

Picked up an acrylic block for $2.00:

The acrylic block had ink on it but that was easily removed at home:

To clean the ink off the new to me acrylic block I used hand sanitizer from the dollar store and a clean paper towel. Put a drop of the sanitizer onto the block and then used the paper towel to rub it on the block and wiped it off -- inks came off onto the paper towel and the block is clean and ready for stamping.

Stamper's Alley also had demos inside the store and many sales -- here is the favorite thing I bought at the store -- a stamp from Memory Box for Halloween --- 70% OFF!!

AND no matter what a shopper bought in the store Stamper's Alley gave all shoppers a free gift of printed card stock and a pillow box with a York Peppermint candy inside -- I like all my free card stocks with my purchase -- another first for me getting free items for shopping -- :0)

Very successful sale for both me as a seller and a shopper!! ;0)  Stamper's Alley has two of the used stamping supply sales a year -- once in May and the other sale is October. I will be attending that sale as well -- if not as a seller certainly as a buyer. Great deals to be found on gently used items.

Stamper's Alley has Make N Takes on Saturdays at their store. They also hold classes so always something new to see at the store. Plus the gals there are happy to answer any questions for how-to's for the products they sell from inks, markers, glitters, mixed media and anything else you want to add to your project. Fun store to visit -- Thanks Stamper's Alley for another great sale for us stampers!  TFL


Anonymous said...

Holy Cow!! You made out like a bandit..either way! Wish we had those kind of sales around here!!!

aka Mrs Noofy

Anonymous said...

Hi Candee, You and your PIC had another great shopping trip. Enjoy your new found treasures. I know you will be sharing how you used them. Enjoyment for you and me. Hugs and smiles, Reva

Candee said...

Thanks Sue and Reva for your nice comments -- I am working on projects now using some of my new to me stamping supplies from the sale. It was a fast paced day but really fun -- my PIC and I laughed that many of the sellers were selling the same stamp sets. What surprises me is how many things we bought that had never even been used -- so happy us to be able to bring these items home to our craft rooms!! :0) A fun sale for sure for us. Looking forward to the next sale they hold in October. Thanks also for the blog visit! Candee P