Monday, June 19, 2017

Finally finished ... onto the next . . .

For the longest time I have wanted to change the system I have for storing both my Stickles storage and the Distressed Stickles storage but where to begin? Thought about it and decided to adapt my re-inker storage idea to include the Stickles.

So I guess if we buy more than one of the same thing -- stamp set, ink pad, Stickles... that that should mean we really like it?? Have a couple of duplicates of my Stickle colours so I will ask my stamping PIC (Partner In Crime) if she needs them for her collection.

To begin with long ago I had bought the Dazzle Caddy to store my Stickles upside down in. These caddies fit nicely in my Alex units in the craft room plus with them having a lid the Stickles are stored dust free. But how to store them? By colour? By title? By holiday colours???? Keep them in order of a colour chart???

Started with taking all the Dazzle Caddy holders out of the Alex unit. Took all the Stickles out of the caddies and put them in alphabetical order by title. With that done I put them back in the Dazzle Caddy in alphabetical order and took each caddy to the computer. Printed out a number and title of the Stickles.

Using 1/4" circle punch I punched out the numbers and put them onto the Stickles container, stored upside down, with a mini glue dot. For the master sheet I made I typed the number twice and then the title as shown below:

  1         1.  Baby Blue

This way I have the left number 1 I can punch out and put on the Stickles container. Then I have a space to the left side of the other number 1 and that gives me space for my sample colour.

Here is a photo of these sheets that I will trim and keep in the drawer with the Stickles so I know at a glance what colour I want to use:

Here is a photo of the Dazzle Caddy storage for my Stickles in a drawer of the Alex unit:

A couple of colours I do have duplicates of that I will keep -- reds and golds for holiday time. In this drawer are all the Dazzle Caddy units that store my Stickles in. Behind these single Stickles I have another Dazzle Caddy that holds my duplicates -- they are the the last row in the photo at the top and the numbers on those Stickles go with the master sheet of numbers/titles. This way if I should be finishing up a Stickles colour I can see at a glance that I have an extra supply on hand:

Also as I add new Stickle colours to my collection I will just put the next number on it and write the name of that Stickles onto the master sheet and squeeze that Stickles onto the sheet so I will be able to see the actual colour.

For the Distressed Stickles I have decided to keep these Stickles in the same drawer as my regular Stickles storage in a separate Dazzle Caddy. I had used a black Sharpie marker and had written "D" on the bottom of the distressed Stickles so I would know these are different colours and the tip is not as fine a s the regular Stickles. Here is a photo of that Dazzle Caddy:

Since I own so few of the distressed Stickles instead of making another master sheet I just put the distressed Stickles onto the master Distressed inks sheet I already had on hand:

Now at at glance I will know I have a distressed ink pad and matching Stickles. With both my master sheets being white card stock I should have a true sample colour of the Stickles I am wanting to use before I put it onto my project.  Once I started this project it did not take long to complete and now all the Stickles are sampled, in order, and stored together.  TFL


Anonymous said...

Candee---Great idea and solution. I am still attempting to organize--Oh well one of these day I just might finish!!! Hugs and smiles Reva

Candee said...

Hi Reva -- the ONLY way I find to get organized is to do one item at a time -- like your card stocks, ribbons, Stickles, dies, or whatever it is you want to change. It is too overwhelming to take it all on at once. I figure by the time I finish I will have to start over!! Haha! Thanks for your blog visit and nice comment! Candee P