Sunday, June 11, 2017

While doing one thing....

While I was putting away all my recent new to me shopping finds I decided the cabinets needed an overhaul of reorganizing. To start with here is the after of the cabinet shelf with the daubers, sponges for inks, etc.:

The cases on the left hold all the sponges/daubers for the Stampin Up inks. I picked up these sectioned craft boxes from thrift stores cheap. My ColorBox and Distress Ink sponges are hard to see but are behind the clear jug of new daubers in smaller cases. (My stamping PIC - Partner In Crime -bought a new lot of the daubers and we split them between us).

Another cabinet:

This cabinet is next to my ink holders so I have paper towels in here and then a spice shelf I picked up at the thrift store. The red and blue lid jars are from the dollar store, sold in sets of 2, and on the top shelf are the holiday bells. Second shelf has jars with googly eyes, brads, clips. Used a cleaned Smuckers jar for my Key Tags by Avery for my snowmen for the holidays. Bottom shelf has jars of snow, Mike Sullivan and Boo, and a Jif jar that holds the extra rolls of glue dots. What prompted reorganizing this cabinet was changing the way I stored my bling.

To the far right of the shelf are large Stampin Up stamp cases that I now store my bling in. I used to keep all the sheets of bling in one large box with a lid but as you can imagine things stuck together and it just was not a good plan. Now I have a case for all my crystal and pearls bling:

Sorted them all by colour and then used the label maker to label each case. These are stacked in alphabetical order and easy to remove the case I want to use. These stamp cases snap closed so things will not fall out all over the place and get stuck together. All new to me items have found their new homes in the craft room so hoping to be crafting soon!  TFL.

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Brenda said...

What a great way to organize your bling Candee and make good use of the SU boxes!! I love how organized you are in your cabinet. Hugs, Brenda