Thursday, March 1, 2012

Craft Room Overview

My step daughter Clare did all the video work for my craft room and I thank her for that. This is an overview of the whole craft room so you can see everything in one video. As I have said before I like to Recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose. My cabinets are from Craigs List and those were $200. The sink is also from Craigs List and that was $15. The gooseneck faucet I had to have and it was a close out at a big box store. The hutch is also used as are the small white shelf unit and the taller white unit next to the sink area for my Stampin Up papers. I have two wire white paper racks for my papers and those are used from a LSS. 8 of the JetMax cubes I got off Craigs List--already assembled--for $8 each. Some of my ink holders are old cassette racks that I picked up at a thrift store and cleaned up and spray painted white. My shelf that holds my Slice machine and programs is a corner floor shelf that I turned on its side and use it on the counter top. It was $4 from a garage sale. My two large glass jars that I have my flowers in are from a thrift store. The majority of my SU ink pads and re-inkers are from different stamp lots from Craigs List as well. Also most of my SU stamp sets have come from there. The old baker's rack that I store my single wood mounted stamps on is from a barn sale and it was dirty and in the back corner of the barn---dirt floor and all. So go to thrift stores and shop---think out of the box--I have a media file box to hold my "bling" crystalswhich was used for the small disks for computers. I use a smaller file box to hold my Rubber Stamp Tapestry stamps. I have jam/jelly jars from the kitchen to hold buttons. I have a lazy susan on my island from the kitchen. I keep my brown craft mat in a $1 glass from the dollar store. I like to use their glasses for holding things on my table, island, and ink counter because these glasses are heavier glass and will not tip over. It is perfect for the craft mat--just wipe off, roll it up and back in the glass it goes until the next use. I use a spice jar holder to hold glitter jars, snack plastic jars for ribbon, an old plastic floor CD rack to hold my Spellbinders and other dies.... So the list is endless. Your craft room need not cost you a fortune---just find a system that works for you and have fun. Your space/room should inspire you to share your crafting with others. And a BIG thank you! to Clare for my videos!  :0)

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MaryH said...

Great job on the craft room & organization. Fine job on the videos also. It's just lovely and you have a wonderful space in which to be creative. Enjoy