Friday, November 30, 2012

1 - 2 - 3 Steps = a Box

This is a treat box that measures 3" x  4  1/2". It is large enough to hold some goodies or small gift or gift cards with candies. No die is needed --- all you need is:

Scoring board
Bone folder
Word Window punch (or other shape)

# 1     Cut two pieces of card stock to 5" x 5  1/2"
#2      Score at 1" on each long sides on each piece
#3      Score across short end at 1" on each piece but only score one short end on both
              pieces -- the one short end will have no score line

See photos:

I find with this box that the heavier card stock from SU or others is better than the card stock that is sold in packs from Michaels as it holds its' shape better. Score the long sides and then the one short side on each piece. Each piece will not have a score line on one short end -- this will be the top of your box. Use a bone folder to make the scored lines sharp. Clip the short sides as this is the bottom of the box.

I used the Word Window punch from Stampin Up but you could use a small oval punch or even a circle punch -- punch it out of scrap card stock from a different colour than your box. Using removable adhesive put this shape on your box at the short end that you did not score which is the top of your box. Once that is in place use that same shape punch and punch OVER that so you have your punched piece where you want it on your box and this will make it centered. Because this card stock is thicker you can put your scrap shape piece on both front and back of your box pieces being sure they are lined up OR punch out the front and put this front piece on top of the back piece lining them up and then punch again:

If you do it this way make sure your front and back box pieces are lined up perfectly so your punched areas match on the pieces. You will now have two pieces that look like this:

At this time if you wanted to stamp a design on the front and back of the box this would be a good time to do that since they are flat -- once you have done that you can put red sticky tape on the box front sides and bottom and then assemble your box.

For mine I made a belly band out of striped paper and used a piece of printed card stock "Merry Christmas"  to be in the center of the belly band. I then added a white ribbon to tie on the box top. ** Used a reindeer stamp and a circle punch for that and the red piece behind him and then used a circle scallop punch on brown card stock to put that on. Used a small circle punch to punch a hole in the reindeer tag and tied it on the ribbon with silver twine. Inside the box I have paper shred from the dollar store and loose candies, a candy cane, and a Ghirardelli bar. This box does stand up on it's own so these could be used at a table place setting or on the dessert buffet or handed out at the office, etc..  ** As for the reindeer tag -- with the holiday season upcoming I usually stamp these after Boo Day so when I begin the Christmas projects I already have my stamped images done and ready to be put together for projects. I have the reindeer and trees stamped as well as using tree punches and punched those out.  This way when I need to add something to a project I already have the pieces ready to be assembled -- I keep them in a box on my table so they do not get lost on the craft table  -- and believe me -- that CAN happen....  haha

By having the opening on the front and the back of the boxes instead of tying a knot as I did on the front shape you could use larger ribbon to tie a bow putting the ribbon from the box front to the back -- that would help to keep things inside the box if you you fill it up. Make your boxes and decorate as you wish as they all can match or be different --- be sure to use scraps up for the tags you use or even the front of the belly bands.   TFL

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