Saturday, November 10, 2012

Holly Lollies

DH and I went to breakfast today and while we were eating he was explaining how and why he was changing the cabinet layout in the new kitchen he is building for me . . . feeling bad I must admit I spent this whole time thinking of another guy . . .   sad I know . . . but true . . . but somewhere between the new corner cabinet and my counter top appliance garage it came to me . . .  and here he is:

Having just made the Turkey Tootsies I was trying to figure out a way to put Santa on a lollipop holder for Christmas -- here are the turkeys I had made:

Could not use the same measurements for the Santa holder as I had for the turkey holder because Santa is larger --- perhaps too much turkey ? ? ?

Here is the supply list:

The punches I used are:

1 1/4" square scallop punch
1" circle punch
1 3/4" scallop circle punch
2" scallop circle punch
1 small Marvy heart punch
1 small circle punch
Pom pom (10mm size)
SU Gray ink for sponging
Glue dots
Black card stock
White card stock
Red card stock
Green card stock

To begin with I will give measurements for the strip of card stock for the holder. My green holder is 9" long x 2" wide. I scored this at 3 1/2" and 4 1/2". The red strip is 8" long x 2" wide. Again that is scored at 3 1/2" and 4 1/2". The green holder is longer so if you want to put a person's name on it or tie a bow instead of a knot you will have room. But for the most part I will probably make the size I did for the red holder.

Using the 1" circle punch punch a circle from blush card stock. Using that same punch punch a circle far from  the edge of the white card stock. Then punch over that circle with the 1 3/4" scallop circle punch and this will be Santa's beard/hair. See below:

After this is punched out I then punched out a heart from the white card stock and then cut that in half using scissors:

Now using the SU gray ink I sponged the edges of the scallop beard/hair piece and the two pieces of the heart that will be the mustache. Punch a circle from black card stock using the 2" scallop circle punch. Put the beard/hair piece on the black scallop circle with glue dots. I then used glue dots and put the blush circle in the center of the beard/hair piece. Use glue dots and put the mustache on his face. Use the square scallop punch and punch out a red square for the hat cutting it at one scallop below the center line:

Put a glue dot at the top of the piece and add your pom pom. Using glue dots put the hat on Santa. Now punch two tiny black circles for his eyes and put those on his face with a glue pen. (One of my Santa's I have his eyes closer together than the other one --- this way you can decide how close or far apart you would like his eyes). Once the eyes are done I used a small cotton swab and in a circular motion used pink chalk for his two cheeks and his nose (hard to photograph). Take your red or green strip you cut and scored and make two holes at the top -- through both the front and back of the holder to tie your ribbon. I used a glue dot on the top of the tootsie pop to keep it in the holder.

Really easy to make up in quantity and also uses scraps and that is good . . . .  you may have noticed in the photo of the punches I used that the 1 3/4"  scallop circle I used a black Sharpie marker to write the size on it. This saves a lot of time having the sizes on the punches and the Sharpie does not rub off. When I want to remove that all I need to do is use rubbing alcohol and a paper towel and the Sharpie will come off 100%. I was just tired of having to measure punches before I used them to see if I was using the right sizes --- so in the end writing the size on the punch saves time.  TFL

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