Saturday, November 3, 2012

Turkey Tootsies

This is another lollipop holder -- I had seen the one Kelly H on SCS had and I made my own version as I could not find directions. I will give you the directions for how I made them -- the turkeys are made from scraps only from the scrap file.

You will need:

Small Circle punch for ribbon
1" Circle punch
5 Petal flower punch from SU
1 3/4" Scallop circle punch
Scrap card stock
Textured card stock
Wiggle eyes
Glue dots

To begin with whenever I am making things in quantity I always get out all supplies I will need --- scrap file, punches, ribbon, glue dots and wiggle eyes. For the card stock holder I cut a piece of textured card stock 1 3/4" wide x  7" long. Using the ScorPal I scored this at 3" and again at 4". I then used a pencil and marked where I would need the two small circles for the ribbon to go through. I then set that aside and made my turkeys.

For the turkey you need a brown scalloped circle piece, one brown circle piece, a gold 5 petal flower piece, and a rust 5 petal flower piece and 2 wiggle eyes as below:

For the gold piece cut off one of the petals and for the rust piece cut off two of the petals:

You can discard the 2 rust petals you cut off but keep the gold petal you cut off as that is the beak for the turkey. To assemble the turkey I used glue dots and put the gold piece on top of the brown scalloped circle and then the rust piece on top of the gold. This is for his tail.  Then used glue dots for the top 1/2 of the brown circle for the face of the turkey---do not put a glue dot on his bottom half as this gives him dimension since he is already on top of the turkey tail parts. Now to the gold petal you had cut off -- trim that to the size you want his beak to be -- from the straight edge of the petal -- and use a glue dot and put that on the brown circle - his face. Now use glue dots and put the wiggle eyes on. I used glue dots behind the turkey in the center and put this on the flat textured card stock that is cut and scored for the holder. Press him onto that and then use a glue dot to put the lollipop in the center of the inside of the holder where it is scored. Put ribbon through your two holes with the lollipop stick in the middle and tie a knot. See below:

To save time I opened the bag of Tootsie Pops and counted those. I then used the punches and made all the pieces I would need. Cut all the textured card stock for the holders and did the scoring. This way when I was making them I would be able to just keep making them continually without having to stop to punch more pieces or to measure and cut the card stock or to have to stop to score them. These are good for table markers or in a bowl by the front door for guests as they leave and they can easily be able to sell at a craft sale. TFL and thanks to Kelly H


Anonymous said...

Great tutorial! I saw your project on Split Coast Stampers and wanted to check out your blog! These Turkey Tootsies are really cute and your photos and instructions are wonderful! ~Vanessa

Candee said...

Thanks Vanessa--I try to take photos along the way as I know it is sometimes easier to see something than to read about it -- thanks for your visit to my blog and the nice comment! Candee P

Nanny's Pansy Patch said...

These are so cute! I was looking for something to make for Turkey Day and I think I found it - thanks!

Misty Rushlow said...

Candee, this are so adorable!! Thanks so much for the tutorial, it is just perfect!! I can't wait to look at your blog more!! Thanks again!!