Monday, January 14, 2013

Sample first or sorry later . . .

Hot Off the Press/Paper Pizazz sells a Mini Envelopes template and it has five templates on it for the mini envelopes in different shapes/sizes. I decided I wanted to make a small envelope for the front of a card and I did not want to attach the envelope with adhesive on the card front. Rather I wanted to make the envelope and using pop dots put it on the card front. So I decided to use the cheaper card stock just to make up a sample envelope before I used my double sided card stock for the envelope I would be using . . .

Followed directions on the template and even watched a quick video and then I made up my envelope. On the video the gal had made up another envelope on the template than the one I wanted to make. I did all as instructed and found out that the envelope that I made can only be used if it is adhered flat onto the card front or a scrapbook page as there is not enough overlap on the back for red sticky tape -- photo is blurry but it is the best I could get:

Even  the thinnest of the red sticky tape would not fit on the card stock overlap. What to do? Back to the first photo so you can see the template and the pencil lines I made:

I used the stencil and for 3/4 of the template I made the lines where I was suppose to. Then I slid the template over to my left and that would give me enough card stock for tape and for the overlap so I could close the envelope. Here is a photo of the template as it is and then my version with a wider back flap on the one side for tape/adhesive:

The bottom one is the enlarged size and with the thin red sticky tape this is what it looks like:

Again sorry for the blurry . . .   this template has many styles on it but I learned with this envelope that I will make a sample of all of them before I cut up my card stock for a project. Wouldn't it be nice if Sizzix/SU would make a large black die with all these envelopes on the one die and you could cut them all out with just one pass on your machine ? ? ?   I know I would be buying it for sure but for now I will have to do the 'fussy cutting' with the templates and my mini Marth score board . . . (Martha Stewart score board).  So lesson learned is sample first or sorry later . . .   TFL

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