Sunday, January 27, 2013

Twizzle Stick Holders

Twizzle Stick Holders ---- inspired by the Candy Cane Tag-a-ment holders from Cristy B on her blog:

Made up my version for Valentine's Day. This would work or any stick treats that are individually wrapped  such as Twizzlers, flavored candy cane sticks, etc..


Sizzix/SU Two Tags die
Double sided card stock
Red card stock
1 3/4" circle punch
1/2" circle punch
SU Real Red ink
SU stamp set "Amazing to Zany"
SU stamp set "Teeny Tiny Wishes"
McGill Multi Tags punch
Small circle punch
Sliver twine
Red sticky tape
Mini glue dots

To begin with cut out two scallop tags from the die from red card stock. Cut out two more of these tags with the double sided card stock.

 Using the 1 3/4" circle punch punch out two circles from your double sided card stock. Using adhesive adhere each of these circles to the top of the red tags.** Set aside.

For the double sided card stock tags score between the bottom scallop and the scallop above it. Then using a ruler and a pencil I made a light line in the center of the tag from the straight edge about 1/3 the way up on the side of the tag that was going to be the front of my holder. Then using the 1/2" circle punch make a circle in the center of the tag from the bottom using your pencil line to line the punch up.  Punch the circle as far as the punch will go on the tag. Erase your light pencil line. Add a small strip of red sticky tape below the hole you punched at the straight edge. See photo:

Near the scalloped end put a small piece of red sticky tape as well:

Peeling off the red strip from the sticky tape at the straight edge of your tag line up the printed tag on top of the red tag and put together. Now peel off your little piece of red strip by the scalloped end. Fold on the score line and press down.

Put in the Twizzler from the top of the holder and through the hole at the bottom front. Using ribbon tie a bow around the front and back of your holder. Trim ends. Stamp your greetings onto white card stock and using a tag punch punch these out. Using a small circle punch and punch a hole on the top of the tag and tie this onto the ribbon/bows with twine. Put a mini glue dot behind each greeting tag to hold in place.

Cristy B made her holders for Christmas candy canes but there are other candies/treats you could put in these holders. Again here is the finished project from the side:

And the front view:

Another cute project using the Sizzix/SU Two Tags die -- if you were to use a larger treat -- IE Choc Covered pretzels you could always use a 3/4" circle punch rather than the 1/2" circle punch and it would still work with the size tags this die makes. ** If you look at my two holders you will see the striped one on the left has the stripes going sideways --- I did not want them to go in the same direction as the other holder so I positioned my double sided card stock in the direction I wanted it cut on the die -- however with this pattern by doing this my hearts on the little scallop flap are now going sideways. But I like the stripes going across the tag front so it had to be this way. Probably would have been better if I had used a patterned card stock that did not have any 'directional' patterns (Ups or downs) but I really like this card stock -- it is by My Little Yellow Bicycle.  TFL

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