Monday, February 25, 2013

Hitting the brick wall . . .

Wanting to learn new things I took a stamp class and learned four new techniques. Each one is challenging but anything new can seem that way. I have tried to make a brick wall before for a card but that did not work out . . .  So took the class and decided this IS going to work. Above is a photo of the card showing this technique from the class.

To show what I did I used red card stock for my bricks and for the piece of card stock that is my "brick base" (the piece I built the brick wall on) I used hot pink. For sponging the edges of my sample bricks I used black ink so you will be able to see the details. The pattern for the brick wall is done staggered as brick walls are made. The pattern is simple but it can get confusing with pieces --- in this post I will explain the bricks and not the stamping, bling, and such. The pattern for this card involves cutting 1/2 pieces for the brick wall but I have a way around that that may simplify this technique.

To begin with I cut a piece of red card stock 4" long x 3" wide. I cut a pink piece the same size. For the red piece I cut strips lengthwise every 1/2" --- then I cut the strips into 1" pieces. See photos:

Once all the bricks are cut I then sponged all four edges of each brick with SU black ink:

Looking at the card front I had made I used that to follow the pattern -- bottom row of brick for this card is four full bricks. What I find is best for me is to use the tape gun and run adhesive across the bottom of my base piece (the pink piece in this photo) and then put the bricks onto that. The brick pieces are small so I find it difficult to get good adhesive on each brick:

Once the first row is done I ran the adhesive across the card front for the second row and continued to do this with each row and then built my brick row.  The second row is staggered bricks so I put on the three full bricks and for each end of that row I used a full brick --- half will hang off this piece but simply flip your piece over and cut off the excess brick with scissors.  Keep the brick pieces you cut off.

Continue building your brick wall, following the pattern on the card, until it is complete.  Once the full bricks are all added you will see where you will put the 1/2 bricks you had trimmed off from your second row. On the second and fourth row of this card you have 1/2 bricks on the ends. You can see in this photo that you will use scissors to trim off the pink base where there are no bricks for you to have your brick wall pattern:

Once your wall is all put together and pink base trimmed away then turn this piece over and if needed trim your pieces that may overhang the edges. I then turned the piece over and went around all the outside edges with the sponge to be sure all the bricks are sponged on the outside edges.

When making this card in the class we first stamped our brick wall piece, then cutting it apart, and reassembling it into the brick wall. Doing that you have to pay attention to how you keep your pieces so it will be easy to reassemble into your brick wall --- for the card I made in the above photo once I came home I stamped the brick wall AFTER I had assembled my wall. Wanted to figure out my brick wall first and then I stamped it. But I think it does look better if you stamp your piece first, then cut the strips, and then cut your bricks.  Added flowers and pearls and a cut out butterfly with a pearl. Pop dots are behind the brick wall for dimension which is on the cream piece.

Of all the ways I have seen the brick walls made I think this is the easiest to cut all the bricks into 1" pieces and then trim off the half pieces as you go. With this size you will end up with 24 bricks for your piece and once the wall is completed you will have used 22 bricks.

Finally a technique that works and actually looks like a brick wall... am thinking this would be a good background for a lot of cards in the future -- the sponging of the edges really defines the look and the bricks. I am glad I learned how to do this --- will be good for Christmas cards, fireplaces, and such. Here is a photo of the front piece again:

And again the card:

The card base is blue from SU, with Very Vanilla, and I used Crumb Cake card stock for my bricks and also used that ink for the sponging of the bricks. It is not hard to do this technique -- just have to plan and if you stamp it first and then make your cuts be sure to keep your bricks in order by rows for easier re-assembly of your wall. TFL and YOLO

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