Thursday, February 28, 2013

Windows made simple

Will explain how to make a 'window' on your card front --- circle, oval, square, rectangle, heart shapes and such. To begin with my blue card base is SU card stock and the white is GP. Used a bunny stamp from Whipper Snapper and black ink from SU for that. Here is the list of supplies:

Card stock for the card base
GP white for the insert
Bunny stamp
Painters Tape
Spellbinders die (I used the Classic Oval die)
Removable tape runner
COPY paper ( in my photos I have green and a purple copy paper)

To begin with I cut and scored my card base. Decided I wanted this card to be wider than longer so I turned it to the side. Using COPY paper I cut a piece of that that is the same size my insert will be. Since my card base is 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" then I cut my copy paper 5 1/4" x 4" for the insert. See photos:

This photo shows the blue card base, the green piece would be the insert, and the white card stock that is larger than what I will use, but is the piece I will stamp the bunnies onto.

Again I am using the purple piece in place of my green piece for photos --- taking your copy paper piece use removable adhesive on the corners and put the insert on the inside of your card, behind the front piece of your card, pressing down so it will stay in place as above. Turing your card over place the largest oval die centered on your card front. I used the painters tape to keep this in place:

Run this through the Cuttlebug and this is what it will look like from the back side of your piece and then once you remove your cut ovals:

Take the metal die off the card front and from the back side remove your purple piece. Now place your cut purple piece, your template, onto the white card stock you have stamped your bunnies on, centering it over the bunnies:

Press your edges down --- your removable adhesive will still work for this step. Once that is done take it to the trimmer and trim the white card stock off from the purple piece and you will now remove your purple piece. Using adhesive I put the bunny piece insert in the card:

Closing the card you will see your bunnies are centered --- this is just a sample as the card I made I had stamped and then coloured my bunnies before I began to make my card. But did want to show how simple this is if you use a copy paper as your template for getting your 'window' to line up and be centered over your insert image.  TFL  and YOLO

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