Friday, May 24, 2013

Acrylic Distress Background Card

Have learned a lot from watching "frenchiestamps" on Youtube and also you can go to and see her blog. I usually will check the blog or watch the video and get new inspiration, or tricks, or how to make something I did not know how to do, or whatever. She always tells you exactly what she is doing in the video and she will even tell you if she tried something and it did not work. . .   and as usual I will stash the info in my head for a later project. .   but not today.

I watched her video on her Acrylic Distress Background Technique and I had to try it to see if indeed it was as simple as it seems . .  and it is. For her card she used the Baja  Breeze card stock from Stampin Up and I do not have that colour. . . then she used tan acrylic paint . . . again I do not have that colour -- only have a small acrylic paint in white to cover chips/scratches on the JetMax. But I do have the embossing folder she used --- Vintage Wallpaper. Bought mine used last month so at least I had that. . . She made her card into a birthday card and added butterflies but I did not want a birthday card. I choose the Kindness Matters stamp set from SU and I used their Brilliant Blue ink for that. She had butterflies on her card and although I put them on my card I used the multi Butterfly punch from Martha Stewart. Clear crystals are from my stash and here is my version using Frenchie's technique:

I followed her instructions and after each step I expected I would get to the "hard" part  but honestly this is such a simple card to make . . . Since I did not have the colours she used for paints and card stock I decided to use SU Brilliant Blue for my card base as well as the piece I embossed. Since you are using paint for this project you have to allow time for it to dry --- which is not very long.

First I cut two pieces of my Brilliant Blue card stock -- I cut them 5 1/2" x 4 1/4". I used two pieces in case I had made a mistake but also figured if I am using paint and a foam brush I may as well do an extra for a later project.

Once the card stock is cut for this technique I shook the paint and squirted a little onto the card stock. Using a foam brush I spread the white acrylic paint out on the card stock to cover it totally. I did Frenchie's suggestion which was to put removable adhesive on the backside of the card stock to stick to a scrap paper --- I used a piece of copy paper --- so when you are applying your paint you do not make a mess on your work surface and you will not have to hold your card stock which will leave a finger mark.  Once it was covered in paint I put it on my cookie cooling rack I have for the craft room and let it dry.

I cut and scored the Brilliant Blue card stock for the card stock base and then cut a piece of white/GP for the card front. Once the paint was dried on my painted card stock, I then used the Stampin Up Vintage Wallpaper embossing folder and ran this piece through the Cuttlebug to emboss it -- be sure you have your painted piece in the folder so the raised side will be on the painted side.  Once that was done I used my sanding block and sanded the painted side. Like Frenchie said do this on the raised design only and do not press hard enough to remove the paint between the embossed design. I did mine in a light circular motion -- you can always go back over and do it again but you do not want to do this so hard that you tear your card stock.

Once I had the sanding done to my liking I trimmed the embossed piece and put it on the white/GP using the ATG. Then I stamped my greeting stamp "Kindness Matters" using the SU Brilliant Blue ink onto a piece of scrap white/GP. Trimmed that to the size I wanted and put this on the embossed piece. Using the ATG I put these onto the card stock base.

Used scrap card stock and the multi Butterfly punch from Martha Stewart and added the butterflies to the front of my card. Added clear crystals and this card is done. I really can not believe how easy this was to do and the only tip I have is to use copy paper or scrap paper under your embossed piece while you are sanding and when done 'tap' it off onto your copy/scrap paper. (And certainly -- don't sneeze.... )

A simple but effective technique for sure.... and I certainly am not driving all the way to the store for tan paint . .  that would be a waste of gas . . .   maybe I will pick up a new sanding block too --- hahaha...... Thanks to Frenchie for another great idea and video and lots of inspiration.... TFL and YOLO

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