Monday, May 20, 2013

Oh, Lollie Lollipops . . .

Saw this cute idea on the blog: and I adapted it for July 4th treats. To be able to take a photo of the lollipops I put them in a floral foam block. Here they are:

This set of four lollipops are the DumDum lollipops and you can buy those at Target, the big W, and a dollar store. I used patriotic paper from Hobby Lobby for the star banners and I used scissors to cut the 'tail' of the flags/banners. Those are on the lollipop stick using glue dots. The cream banners with the words on them are made with card stock from CTMH. I used blue ink from Stampin Up as is the red.

For the stamps the "celebrate" is a stamp from the CTMH stamp set Say It In Style. The "Happy 4th" is a stamp from Darcies and the stamp reads "Happy 4th of July" and I just inked the "Happy 4th".  On the blog this idea is from she used the Ribbon Border punch from Martha Stewart and here is a photo of that:

I used the cream card stock from CTMH and punched across the top edge of an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of card stock. I then cut the punched card stock to the length I wanted my flags/banners to be. Cut these strips apart keeping two holes on each piece :

Once they were all cut apart I then clipped the ends of the banners and then stamped my words on the banners. Here is a close up photo of the DumDum lollipops:

I also used the flat lollipops:

These flags/banners would work for any lollipops and even the Tootsie pops as those are larger lollipops and have a longer stick but I did not have any of those for a photo -- DH found them -- haha.  Cute idea and I am glad that there is another use for my hardly used Ribbon Border punch from Marth. Also am glad this idea was shared on a blog.  TFL and YOLO

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