Saturday, June 29, 2013

Busy few days - - -

First to the Porch People -- birds nest on the plug on the front porch. The first photo is of 'pizza night' (or whatever Mom would pluck out of the gardens for the babies) to the second photo taken the day before they decided to leave home . . .   so once again we are empty nesters . . .  but good news for DH -- there is one family living in one of the very many bird houses he built so he is happy about that . . sad to see the kiddies move on but Mom must have taught them well or they would not have left. As you can see in the second photo the 'porch' DH built and put up for them got some use once the kiddies got bigger. Nature as its' best . . . .

Then onto another trip to Betty's Stamping and Scrapbooking Room store this week. I finished up my butterflies that I was making and I took her one --- rest are going in the mail  --- and here are those:

The last two photos are two buttlerflies that I put together with the left over Post-It notes so they have the multi coloured Post-It notes. All the rest of the butterflies have the same colour Post-It notes. Very quick to put these together and so far everyone I have given them to love them ---

Then while I was @ Betty's store I was asking her about the Pearl Pens I have seen here and there. And in Betty style, she takes me over to where she has these pens and she goes over how to use them and why to use them and then explains I can use these on my actual project or put them onto my brown craft mat and then once dried, glue them to my project. Have yet to ask her about something and she does not know about it and then she will give you tips and how to's -- LOVE her style and her store. . . anyways --- I bought four of the Pearl Pens and here is a sample of them on scrap white/GP. I can't wait to use them on a card or my new fav, a tag:

I even bought the additional tip for them so I can change their shape and sizes. So, once again, thanks to Betty for the help and inspiration. Plus tonight is the Nascar race which means no interruptions for me in the craft room -- :0)    TFL and YOLO


Cindy said...

Once again I LOVE your post. So happy for a tenant finally in your DH bird house. I have never seen the butterfly post it notes before. Do you have a tutorial on how to make it? LOVE THEM! Many thanks again for all your inspirations.

Candee said...

Hi Cindy--I have a post called "Butterflies Are Free" on my blog about the Post-It Notes butterflies. You need the Sizzix/Stampin Up Beautiful Butterflies die, card stock, vellum, and Post-It Notes. There is a card stock butterfly on the bottom, then the Post-It notes, another card stock butterfly, then a vellum one, and the small ring and some ribbons. Easy peasy -- guess any butterfly die would work as long as it is sizeable--maybe Sizzix makes one?? But check the other post for more details. Missing the birdies but Mom taught them well or they would not leave. Thanks for the nice comment -- Candee P