Sunday, June 23, 2013

Butterflies Are Free . . . .

Butterflies are free . . .

After you buy the Sizzix/Stampin Up Big Beautiful Butterflies die

After you buy your Post-It notes

After you buy the hinged metal rings . . .

Had seen these made up long ago and Mr. Brown just brought my Beautiful Butterflies die to my house last week so decided there is no time like the present to make them for myself and here they are:

This idea is from Becky at  and she used the Beautiful Butterflies die and Post-It notes. Here is a detailed description of how I made mine:

To begin with I counted 7 Post-It notes and took them off the top of the Post-It note pad keeping the sheets together and not separating them. I put the sticky top of the Post-It note at the top of the larger full butterfly on the die centering it. The Post-It notes are smaller than the wing span of the butterfly but you will not notice this once your butterflies are cut and assembled. I ended up cutting 5 sets of 7 Post-It notes at a time and when each set was cut I put them on top of the others already cut to make a stack. The sticky part of the Post-It notes need to be on the back of the butterflies. (To clean off any small pieces of the Post-It notes off the die I just used my lint roller to clean off the die).

Once I had all the Post-It notes cut that I wanted I then went to the scraps box and cut out two of the same butterflies from matching card stock. You need one card stock butterfly under your Post-It notes butterflies (for the back) and the other one will be the front cover so it goes on top of your stack.

You need a small circle hole punch to put the hole in the left wing of the butterfly so I made a template for this from orange Post-It notes so that all the butterflies will have the hole in the same location for the hinged metal ring to go through. Here is my template Post-It note:

I put the orange butterfly on some of my butterfly notes and probably did this four or five times taking some of the butterflies off the stack as I went along.  As I was punching the hole in the butterflies I kept putting them back in a stack and when all the holes were punched I had a complete stack of my butterflies. Once all the Post-It note butterflies had been punched and back in a stack I then took the front and the back butterflies from card stock and punched the holes in them. Then I took the card stock butterfly that is in the front of the Post-It note butterflies and I ran it through the Cuttlebug in the Swiss dots embossing folder to emboss. Put that back on the front of the stack. Now you will have your stack of card stock butterfly, all the Post-It note butterflies, and now the embossed card stock butterfly for the front/top of the stack. Now open your hinged metal ring and put it through the holes in your butterflies stack from back to front. Close your ring and set this aside.

Using SU Vellum I cut out the same butterfly as the Post-It notes is and I used the D'Vine Swirls folder in the Cuttlebug to emboss that. Again using card stock scraps I cut out the smaller butterfly from the die and embossed those --- for the yellow butterfly though I did not emboss that. For the Yellow/copy paper butterflies stack I used a smaller Stampin Up butterfly punch for the small butterfly on the front of the stack.  DO NOT make a hole in your vellum butterfly.

Here is a close up photo of the purple Post-It notes butterfly stack: (sorry for the blur)

You can make your Post-It notes stack as big as you would like as you can see the hinged metal ring will hold a lot. (I got the hinged ring in the cross stitch section at AC Moore in a package of 6)

Altho these are really cute there is not a lot of information out there for them -- I did find where it was suggested that you can use coloured copy paper instead of the Post-It notes. My concern was that if you should used the copy paper butterflies there is nothing to hold them together and I was afraid they would be flopping all over but they do not do that. The plus about the Post-It note is not only can it stick to something but the shape is cute and not a square or circle --- something different.

Here is the stack with the copy paper:

I will say with the copy paper you get a full butterfly shape from the die --- with the Post-It notes they are just shy of being wide enough for the die so you do not get the full wing shape but you will not really notice that. Also you can use these for notes but they will not stick to anything like the Post-It notes will.

For the vellum pieces -- I used red sticky tape in the center of my die cut vellum piece to put this on the top of my card stock/Post-It notes stack. You will not see this tape as the card stock butterfly in front of the vellum butterfly covers your tape. Added crystals from my stack on all the butterflies.

Here is a photo of the Cool Caribbean butterfly stack with Post-It notes and the yellow stack that has various copy paper butterflies:

These are far too cute not to be made up for Christmas as favors for sure or maybe to hang off the top of a present in the recipient's favorite colour. They go together rather quickly and I kept waiting to get to the "hard part" but they were finished before I got there --- haha.... so Butterflies Are Free --- if you already have all the supplies:

Thanks to Becky for sharing such a cute idea and they also use up some of the scraps of card stock and that is always a good thing . . .   TFL and YOLO


MaryH said...

This sounds very complex, but they turned out beautifully. Good idea to make as favors or gifts, or trims for gifts. You're smart to figure out how to do all this! TFS

Bonnie said...

Very clever! Thanks for the how to!