Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunburst Birthday Card  loaded a new video of hers onto for this Sunburst Technique card. I watched the video and decided to make a card myself but I made mine differently. First I did not have the printed card stock she used so I used printed papers from a pad of papers from K&Company that is called "Sweet Nectar". Frenchie said to cut 6 pieces of paper that are 4 1/2" long by 1 1/2" wide. After you cut your pieces you have to cut them diagonally -- corner to corner. This photo shows one of the pieces and then another piece that I had cut corner to corner:

Once all my pieces were cut diagonally I then put them in the order I wanted to use them on my card. In her video Frenchie puts adhesive on all her pieces but I did not think that would be very easy since the points on your diagonal cuts will be so small and sharp. So I had to re-think this card. I then decided to draw a pencil line on the card stock base that I was going to 'build' my sunburst on. Then I would run adhesive all over this piece above the pencil line and begin putting my strips on that:

I will say as you are putting your pieces onto the card stock base be sure the pieces are tight against each other so you will not see your white card stock base in between your strips. Keep putting the pieces/strips onto the card stock base until it is covered:

You should have two strips left that are half strips --- when you get the card stock base covered turn your piece over and trim off the part of the strips that are bigger than your card stock base. Using a "Happy Birthday" stamp and pink ink I stamped my greeting on the bottom of this piece. I then put this onto pink card stock and put it on the blue card  front using the ATG. Added ribbon from the stash jar and added a button and twine. Here shows the ribbon and button and greeting:

And the card again:

Another nice card and technique from Frenchie -- simple and quick to make as well -- this would be a good technique to use for papers that you may not like but can use them up here and there. Thanks Frenchie. TFL and YOLO

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