Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Angel Tie Ons

 Each Christmas I try to make a small ornament that I can tie on the package for Christmas with the bow. These have been cross stitched, sewn, or a paper craft. This year I decided to make another angel YoYo ornament like I have done in the past. I did not want it to be the same angel so I had to make a few changes. Here is a photo of the first YoYo Angel I had made:

This angel has one fabric YoYo and a pompom in the center of the YoYo. I added small black beads for the eyes and a pipe cleaner for the halo. For the angel wings I made two smaller YoYos out of sparkly tulle. Used a hot glue gun to add her hair and a ribbon to hang her on the tree.

The angel for this year is smaller and I have to add a ribbon to hang it from the tree and a sparkly pom pom or small button on her front but here she is:

I used the Clover YoYo Makers for this angel -- I used the orange and then the green YoYo Makers. For her head/face I used cream felt and for her wing I used sparkly felt. I punched out a butterfly from white/GP card stock for a pattern for her wings and drew it a bit larger than the punched piece and traced this onto my white sparkly felt. Her halo is gold card stock as I do not have a gold pipe cleaner but I will get some of that. Will dress her up a bit but I at least have something to go by. I put the butterfly/wings on her using the clear Aleene's glue. Really like the Clover YoYo Makers as they make up a YoYo very quickly and the round shape makes it easy to trim the edges of the YoYo before you stitch. Also it uses scraps of holiday fabrics and that is always a good thing --- TFL and YOLO

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Brenda said...

Awww these are super cute Candee!! How sweet to get a package with one of these cuties on it!