Saturday, July 27, 2013

DULL punches ? ? maybe not . . .

Wanted to use the dotted card stock sold in packs from Mikes for my summer cards but when I used my punches on them things did not work out as planned . . .   as you can see in these two photos the edges of the punched pieces are frayed and look like the punches ripped the card stock. To correct this problem I used white/GP card stock (or any scraps you have) and put that card stock on top of my dotted card stock and then punched my shapes out. When I use my punches I always punch them from the back which means I turn the punch over and am looking at the punch from the back when it punches the paper.

I put my white/GP on the dotted card stock and turned the punch over--backside up--and then punched through the two pieces with the white/GP facing me. Once I did this each piece punched out well with no frayed edges or ripped look. This photo shows two oval pieces -- the bottom one is an oval punched with the punch alone. The top oval is punched with the white/GP card stock on top of it and then punched:

This photo shows the flowers punched at the bottom alone and the flowers on the top had the white/GP on top of them in the punch:

Some punches seem to be made for a sturdier card stock so the thinner papers do not make a good punched shape. But by putting a heavier card stock with the printed papers you may get the results you are expecting from your punches.  TFL and YOLO

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Brenda said...

This is a great tip Candee!