Thursday, July 18, 2013

Scalloped Treat Holder

Had used the Stampin Up Scalloped Envelope Die to make other treat holders and those I used to hold a lollipop. Here they are:

These were made for Valentine's Day and I used Valentine themed printed papers for the lining to the treat holder that I made using the Scalloped Envelope Die. Wanted to make a holder to hold a Ghirardelli candy bar but it wanted it to have a 'vintage' feel to it so I used a doily from the dollar store. Here is my holder:

I had seen doilies before used on cards and boxes and other things but then I saw this on Penny's  so I made my own. I used card stock that I bought on clearance at Archivers -- this is Ocean Breeze from Bazzill. I cut out one of the Scalloped Envelopes out and turning it over I used the more finished side for my project --- so I folded this using the pre-scored lines from the 'wrong side' of the die cut piece. This way when looking at the treat holder you are looking at the better side of the die cut piece:

Once the die cut piece was cut I then used a bone folder to fold the pre-scored lines. I cut a doily in half and I placed the doily into my scored die cut piece. I folded in the sides of the holder to crease the sides of my doily. Then I opened the holder and took the doily piece out. Using scissors I trimmed the folded sides from the doily. I used a piece of double sided tape to put the doily in/on the Scalloped Envelope die cut piece.

After the doily was taped into place I used red sticky tape on the sides of the blue die cut piece and closed that. For the front of my holder I made a bow from double sided card stock. I used papers from Lilly Bimble from a pack of papers -- using a themed paper pack helps to have your papers go well together. I put the bow onto the front of my treat holder using three large glue dots. Here is a better photo of the bow:

For the center of my bow this time I used a 3/8" circle punch instead of the regular 1/2" circle. It gives enough space around the blue crystal but it is not too big.

Then I put the Ghirardelli candy bar in the holder --- two ways it can go:

I like the second way to put the candy bar in the holder so you can see the doily behind it. Love using this die as treat holders as it makes a nice presentation for both candy bars and lollipops. By using the bow with the banners I did not have to make a bellyband for the holder as the banners on the bow cover the front of the holder. This bow pattern is a keeper for sure  . .... TFL and YOLO

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Brenda said...

OMGosh Candee, I love these treat holders!!! How clever of your to turn this envie die into these treat holders!