Saturday, August 3, 2013

M & M Mel-lopes

Thanks to Hobby Lobby for letting us use coupons for magazines --- just picked up the Fall 2013 issue of Paper Creations and saw these in this issue. They were made by Kendra Sand and thanks to her for sharing her ideas . . .

Did not have the products she used but certainly have enough of my own to make these myself. She used Kraft bags she had bought but I did not do that. I have in the past bought brown paper bags in various sizes at Mikes and two different sizes I have bought there do not stay sealed at the seams so I will not buy anymore of those. I had a roll of brown packing paper so I made my own pattern for my 'bag' (envelope) and made up my own.

To begin with I used yellow copy paper for the pattern and it is:

Cut the yellow copy paper at 8" x 7 1/2". With the 8" edge at the top of the score board (I used my Martha Stewart score board) score this piece at 1 1/2". Turn the piece all the way around and on the opposite side score it at 1". Turn the piece with the 7 1/2" at the top of the score board and score this at 1/2" and again at 4". Using a bone folder fold and crease your scored lines. Now trim off all the pieces you will not need using scissors and use the photo as a guide. Once they are trimmed away using a corner rounder punch punch all your points off and it will look like this:

Folded up you will have a 'bag' (envelope) that looks like this:

This will close on the front to the right side but do not use any adhesive yet.The top flap will also close to the front of the 'bag' (envelope). Now open this to be flat. You will see your front piece to the 'bag' (envelope). The front of your 'bag' (envelope) is the piece that has no 'flaps'. This is the only part of this that you will be stamping your design on. For the "Oct. 31" stamp on the bag with the striped ribbon I used a stamp from Hobby Lobby Stampabilities. Used SU black ink for that. Also used a second stamp on this "trick or Treat" and that stamp is also Stampabilities. Once the image was stamped I used an orange marker for the "Oct. 31".

Using red sticky tape I closed up the 'bag' (envelope) side and bottom.  Then used the Tim Holtz Black Soot ink for the edges of the 'bag' (envelope). Used a small circle punch and made two holes at the 'bag' (envelope) top and used ribbon from the stash to tie a bow.

This 'bag' (envelope) holds one of the Fun Size M & M bags of candy. For both of my 'bags' (envelopes) I trimmed off some of the flap piece as I wanted to be able to put my stamped images closer to the top of my 'bag' (envelope).  But this basic pattern I made for this works for the Fun Size candy bags and these are cute treat holders for Boo Day. You could probably stamp the back of the 'bag' (envelope) if you wanted but that is an option if you would want to do that. For the other 'bag' (envelope) I used various Boo Day (Halloween) stamps and I used SU black ink for those. Again sponged the edges and added "boo" ribbon from the stash. For the green eyes for the black cat I used green crystals from the stash.

This magazine has other projects and they have featured the Wicked stamp set from Gina K Designs (My order for that stamp set is already in . . . just waiting on the mailman). That set has a good selection of the Halloween stamps and Gina K has good quality stamps. So once that set arrives I will try to make more cards from this issue. Good to know Hobby Lobby lets you use coupons on magazines though since AC Moore, Mikes, and Joann Fabrics won't let you. More money for stamps  --- :0)   TFL and YOLO


CM2 said...

Enjoy your creations thanks for always sharing such great ideas! CM2

Brenda said...

You clever girl you, these are adorable!