Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The dissertation - - -

All I did was ask for tin snips and so it began . . .

My Stampin Up Modern Label punch was leaving hairies on my labels and never is that a good thing on the front of a card. Was told to punch through layers of waxed paper -- which really did nothing but get stuck in the punch. . . Then tried the layers of aluminum foil --- same results as the waxed paper. After all that? The punch was still dull and left hairies as I was still pulling waxed paper out of the punch. . . .     :0{

So. . . did some checking around and found this tip with a video from Linda Heller on her blog:   (under her Stamp Busters series from Nov 2008)

I watched her video using a soda can and thought I would give this a try and so . . . all I did was ask DH for tin snips and so it began. . . 50 questions -- why did I need them? What was I cutting? Who told me that? Are you kidding? and the list goes on and on . . .  

DH heads out to the garage and returns with the tin snips. He gets a clean, dry soda can from the recycle bin and tells me he will cut the can apart. I ask if he has gloves to do this and he said he doesn't need them.  Silly me wanted the tin snips and my heavy garden gloves to cut the can with but what do I know? ? ?

While he is cutting the soda top and bottom off so I could use the can flat I used the dull punch and punched out a label using white/GP card stock to show DH how dull the punch was so after I punched the can and the punch was sharp then DH could see the difference between the dull punch piece and then the newly sharpened punch piece.

He brings the flattened can over to me and I punched out a few labels to sharpen the punch -- see photo:

The above photo is what he cut of the can for me to use -- boys are soooo messy. And the photo below is showing the punched label pieces I punched out.

Here is a photo of the punch over the flattened can before I punched out my labels: (DH held the cut can so I could take the photo)

Once I had punched all over the flattened soda can piece I then punched through a piece of waxed paper folded into layers. Then followed that with punching through a piece of aluminum foil folded. Now I have a photo of two pieces of the white/GP card stock labels:

Here is a photo of  labels I punched after sharpening the punch. The top is the white/GP card stock and then a Pumpkin Pie label and an Always Artichoke label. The coloured card stocks are heavier weight then the white card stock and all three labels look so much cleaner than before the sharpening:

On the video Linda had sharpened her circle punch and her scalloped circle punch. I am happy with the results altho I will say I will not do this without wearing heavy gloves as the soda can is sharp after it has been cut -- but of course I am just a girl . . .    :0)       TFL and YOLO


Cherie said...

Candee, Thanks so much for sharing this AWESOME info with us! I can't wait to try this out!

Candee said...

Hi Cherie--I could not believe this tip worked with the punch but it did but DO BE careful as you will be working with cut metal --- safety first, sharp punches second -- :0) Thanks for your visit! Candee P

Mrs A. said...

Glad to hear you got your punch sorted out. I have used the waxed paper tip before and found it worked ok and also used strips of tin foil on small punches. This sounds like an awesome idea. Not sure I could do with all the faffing that hubby would insist on doing though. Might have to resort to trying it out when he is not around. Thick gardening gloves at the ready!! Hugs Mrs A.

Brenda said...

Well I love this idea, as I didn't know that the can would sharpen punches!! But I thought it was so sweet that your DH cut the can for you even if it was messy. lol How sweet of him to be your model too. And yes, you are right, us wives know nothing. lol I would wear the gloves too.