Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Try, try again . . .

Had tried in the past to use napkins on card fronts with clear plastic wrap but it never worked out the way the technique tutorial explained. Gave up on that idea and although I have used napkins on card fronts I have used the Xyron for the adhesive. If you use an ATG you will see the tape lines and glue is too messy. Basically have given up on that technique and theory and moved on . . .

Until I saw this technique done from France Martin AKA on Youtube. Had no intentions other than watching her video to see what I was doing wrong or if she had some tips to do this technique in a new way. Watched her video and then checked the drawer in the craft room that I keep the plastic wrap, foils, and baggies in. And there it was . . . .  my roll of plastic wrap from the dollar store said right on the label "microwaveable" and that is the problem.

As Frenchie had explained you can not use the microwaveable plastic wrap for this technique as the iron can not get it hot enough to melt to the napkin or the card stock. So I knew I would have to buy a new roll of plastic wrap and of course I would have to get new paper napkins for Fall or Thanksgiving as she made a card and place marker using Thanksgiving napkins. She never says where she picked up the napkins but I thought this time of year I should be able to find something that was seasonal.

As usual DH needed to go to a big box home improvement store for some parts for something he is working on so I tagged along knowing the big W was across the street. He and puppy dropped me at the door and I went in and picked up a roll of Glad plastic wrap (as she had used) and I made sure the label did not say that it was "microwaveable". Then off to the seasonal section of the store and I could not find any Fall or Thanksgiving paper napkins. Walked through there twice thinking I missed them and nothing -- decided I would stop at the dollar store and see what they had. . . turned the corner and in the drive aisle was a set up of holiday paper napkins, table clothes, etc., and there it was --- the same napkins Frenchie had used for her video and I really liked them as they had pumpkins, a turkey, and leaves. Picked up one pack and there are 20 napkins in that for $1.97. You have to cut the napkin in half lengthwise and these napkins have this pattern on both ends of the napkins so this would give me 40 pieces for projects and that is good for $1.97.

Came home and followed her instructions and here is my version of her card and am happy to say this technique worked the FIRST time and that is always a good thing:

Here is your napkin out of the package:

You need to cut the napkin at the top on the fold and this will give you two pieces. All napkins have "ply" and that is however many layers there are. The more expensive paper napkins are then the more layers it will have. You need to peel away all layers and just deal with the printed layer which is the napkin front. This is a cheaper paper napkin so it is a "2 ply" which means I had to separate the printed front of the napkin from the one layer which is the back. Peel the layers apart slowly as to not make holes in your printed napkin front.

To begin with you need to use a DRY iron (wool setting) with no steam for this technique. I used a clean folded bath towel on my craft room counter. Pulled off a big piece of aluminum foil and put that over the towel. I then took an 8 1/2" x 11"  sheet of the cream speckled card stock **  from Stampin Up and cut that in half width wise. Set that aside. (** The card stock you will be sticking your napkin to will be the 'back' of your napkin piece so it will not be seen -- use cheaper card stock or a card stock you don't like just to use it up --- basically it is just something for your napkin to adhere to to be sturdy).

Took the one layer printed napkin and put that on the foil on the towel and ironed that flat to remove the fold lines on the napkin. Once the napkin is pressed remove it from the foil. Put your card stock on the foil piece in the center. Tear off a piece of your Glad Wrap that is a little bit larger than the card stock. Be sure you put the plastic on the card stock so it is smooth and flat:

Now put your ironed printed napkin piece on the plastic/card stock piece. I lined up the bottom of my napkin piece to the bottom of my card stock piece -- it is better your plastic wrap is wider and longer than your card stock piece so that your napkin edges with adhere well. Once the bottom edge of the napkin was lined up with the bottom edge of the card stock I again tore off another piece of foil and put that on top of the napkin 'sandwich' pieces again being sure the foil piece is bigger than your card stock and plastic wrap pieces. Using the iron press your "sandwich" moving slowly and be sure you press the edges of the napkin piece so it will stick well to the card stock. When you think you are done you can remove your top foil piece and check the edges. If the napkin edge is not stuck to the card stock edge then put the foil on top again and press it again with the iron. Here it is:

Once this is all stuck together remove it from the foil "sandwich". I used scissors to cut away the extra napkin from my card stock piece. (The napkin piece will over hang on the sides of your card stock).  For my card I used Spellbinders Labels 11 for the pumpkin piece *.   I used the second largest die for my pumpkins and a smaller die piece from that set for the turkey head/upper body and I will use that on another project. Just figured it is easier to cut them both out at the same time in the Cuttlebug. Once my pumpkin piece was cut out I used the largest die in the labels set and cut out a piece from Pumpkin Pie card stock to go behind the pumpkin piece. Once my pieces were cut out I set them aside.

For my card I cut and scored a piece of Cajun Craze card stock for the card base. Set that aside. Using the Very Vanilla card stock for the card front I wanted some design on it but did not want texture that an embossing folder can do. Cut this piece larger than what I would need for my card front.  Decided to ink the raised side of the Darice Crackle embossing folder with Goldrush ink from Close To My Heart. Put my Very Vanilla piece in the folder and closed that. Using a brayer I went over the closed folder back and forth and side to side to transfer the inked embossing folder pattern to my card stock. Once that was done I rinsed off my embossing folder. Trimmed the Very Vanilla piece to the size I needed for my card front.  Here is a better photo of the card front with the details:

Using  the "Bountiful Blessings" stamp from the Taylored Expressions "Autumn Wreath" stamp set I stamped that using Really Rust ink and scrap Very Vanilla. To cut this banner out I used the banner die from the Circle Thinlits die set. Once again I put the banner die piece over the stamped image to the right so that I would have a blank space on the left front of the banner to slip under the pumpkin piece. Sponged the edges and put this under the pumpkin piece and put them on the Pumpkin Pie label piece for the card front. Set them aside.

Used a piece of gross grain ribbon across the Very Vanilla card stock front. Then put that onto the card stock base. Using pop dots I added the pumpkins/napkin labels piece with the banner:

Here is a better photo of some of the details of the card front:

* For the napkin piece I cut out using the Labels 11 die I did not want my pumpkins to be centered as too many times on a card front things need to be centered. This napkin pattern has many things going on from the pumpkins to the gourds to the leaves and I felt if I centered just the pumpkins then you would miss some of the other items in the picture printed on the napkin. If you look closely at the bottom of the napkin piece under the pumpkins you can see the napkin has a textured border already on it and I wanted that to show on my label piece so with me cutting the pumpkins off center more of the napkin border texture shows.

The great thing about Frenchiestamps is if something does not work that she is doing she does not edit it out of the video so you are thinking things never go wrong --- even for the more experienced card maker. Am glad I saw her video as now I know what I was doing wrong for the technique --- wrong plastic wrap -- this is a simple technique and am glad I found the napkins she used as I think this makes a nice Thanksgiving Bountiful Blessings card.  Thanks to Frenchie for sharing. TFL and YOLO


Mrs A. said...

Well you have certainly nailed this technique second time around. Your card is really lovely. Hugs Mrs A.

Candee said...

Hi Mrs A -- thanks for the nice comments -- and thanks to Frenchie for mentioning there are 2 kinds of plastic wrap --- I never would have known if she didn't mention that --- thanks for your visit! Candee P

Brenda said...

This is a beautiful card Candee! I haven't done the napkin thing yet, but I'm glad that I read this first. Who knew that your plastic couldn't be the microwave kind?! Thanks for the tip Candee, now I want to give this a try!