Saturday, December 7, 2013

Blue Christmas Card

This is a photo of my card in progress -- this is the dryer sheet technique and I will explain the way I did this if you should want to try it. I had done this technique long ago and it did not work out the way it was supposed to. Then about a month or so ago we did this in the new stamp class I attended and it worked and with no problems --- so when you are taught something the correct way things are much easier and your results will be better. But now with so many card makers making videos for Youtube if you should have problems with a technique you can always go there and watch a video or two about it.

To begin with for this technique this is what I used:

USED dryer sheets
1 can of Scotch Spray Adhesive (got mine @ Mikes with a coupon)
Card stock for the card base
Dark card stock for card front
White/GP card stock to stamp on
SU Lovely As A Tree stamp set
SU Dazzling Diamonds GLITTER
Greeting stamp
Spellbinders tag die set
Silver twine
Glue dots (behind the greeting tag)

These are the steps I did for this card but first:

** Using a low iron press your dryer sheet flat to remove wrinkles

#1  Cut and score your card stock base
#2  Cut your dark card stock for the card front
#3  Cut a piece of white/GP card stock 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 and using the Lovely As A Tree single tree stamp stamp your trees onto the white -- I inked the stamp and stamped it in the center -- then do not ink it again but stamp it again next to the center tree. Ink and stamp it on the edge and then do not ink it and stamp it again on the other side of the center tree. Then ink the stamp again and stamp on the left side. Once the trees are all stamped cut your piece 5 x 3 3/4 for the card front.
#4  Once the trees are stamped you have to spray your adhesive spray on this piece --- I used a dollar store cookie cooling rack and put my stamped white card stock pieces on the rack OUTSIDE as the spray adhesive is quite strong smelling and you need to do this step OUTDOORS. Shake your can to mix up the spray adhesive and spray your stamped images with the spray moving the can side to side so you do not puddle your adhesive and do not be too close to the card stock.
#5  Once you have put the adhesive on your stamped white/GP piece put your dryer sheet over this lightly pressing it with your fingers to stick  -- be sure not to have wrinkles. Immediately sprinkle your glitter over the top of the card front covering the whole thing and then tap off the excess. Leave this piece on your rack to dry.
#6   Once dried (it does not take long) I used scissors to trim off the excess dryer sheet. Now mount this stamped/glittered white/GP onto the dark piece for the card front.
#7  Stamp your greeting on white/GP and cut that out using the tag die set
#8  Using silver twine put this on the card front using glue dots behind the tag piece.
#9  Put these onto the card base and your card is complete

Here is a photo of the Scotch Spray adhesive:

It is a red can with a purple lid and it is pricey but I used a coupon at Mike's so it was not so bad. This stuff really is sticky and works very well. If you do not have the SU Dazzling Diamonds glitter just be sure to use a glitter that is very fine -- and be sure you are using glitter and not embossing powder if you should store them together.

I am trying to make all my Christmas cards different this year instead of making all the same cards --- I wanted to make this card again but decided to make it up in blue -- love blue and white together so here is the card completed with a photo of the sparkle:

Since I had the spray out.... and the stamp set.... and the glitter ..... I made another card but used greens and gold twine:

Once again the camera does not capture the sparkle of this technique but of course I had to make a sparkly card (or 2) for Christmas.... TFL and YOLO


Mrs A. said...

A beautiful snowy scene. Thank you for the tutorial on how you made your card. As you say so simple ehen you know how. hugs Mrs A.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Candee, you give new meaning to the word brilliant!! These are stunning!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do such complete instructions!! Hugs, Darnell