Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pass the tip jar #2

Since I am making 20 St. Patty's Day cards . . .  and since I am using jute/twine for the button . . .  Had to come up with a solution for the mess the jute/twine ball has become. Not that I minded every time I reached for the jute/twine I lost the end I just cut off . . . not that I minded more times than not it fell off the work table onto the floor when I was pulling on it . . .

So had to come up with something and here it is --- I now keep the once balled up jute/twine in a zip lock bag --- near the top of the bag I punched a small circle punch so I can pull out the already cut and always ready piece of jute/twine. Here is the bag of this mess:

And I held up the cut end of the jute/twine so if you follow it down to the bag you might be able to see the hole that the jute/twine comes out of:

I heard if you put it in a jar with a hole in the lid (like the glass jars and lids for sugar) that that will help but this ball did not fit well in that jar so had to come up with another solution. I save a lot of time looking for the cut end and the bag also keeps it altogether and not all over the table, the floor . . .  TFL

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MaryH said...

Yet another good Candee idea! TFS