Monday, March 24, 2014

Pass the tip jar #3

This is a photo of some of the stamp sets I have bought from Stampin Up that have punches that match the stamp sets. Stampin Up sells just the stamp set alone and the punch alone but if you buy them together as a "bundle" it is cheaper. Problem is? I don't store my stamp/punch 'bundle' sets together. I have a cabinet for the stamp sets and the punches stay with my other punches. So the problem is? Which stamp/punch set did I buy as a bundle with a matching punch and which stamp set did I buy just the stamp set?

Used the computer and printed out "p" on printer paper. Then used a yellow highlighter and went over the 'p'. Once that was done used a 1/4" circle punch and punched out the "p". Put the "p" on the stamp set that I bought as a bundle using a small glue dot. Now when I go to a stamp set I can see the "p" and that reminds me that I bought the matching punch.  TFL and YOLO

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Anonymous said...

Candee the tips you pass along have been so helpful. Thanks a million.
Hugs & Smiles Reva