Sunday, May 4, 2014

Update --

Thanks to all that left nice comments about my posting of my old neighbor in NY that recently passed. This past week DH and I planted a pink Crepe Myrtle tree in our front yard in honor of our best neighbor John. We chose pink for one reason only -- John had quite the sense of humor and was always up to something. I had a pink flamingo in one of my gardens in NY and John made sure he commented on that addition. . . One morning I was leaving for work at 2:30AM and in the front yard was my pink flamingo and a couple more.. I pulled out the flamingos and waited a couple of days, added a couple more to them and one night I put them in John's front yard... that day after work the flamingos were gone --- a couple of days later I am leaving for work and the flamingos I had put in John's front yard, with a few more, John had put in the neighbors yard on his other side --- so in honor of John we now have a pink Crepe Myrtle. Again --- thanks all for the nice comments --- Candee P

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