Sunday, October 12, 2014

A little help from my friend . .

First Fabric Pillow wreath I made for Halloween I took to work and I just finished the wreath for my front door and I hung that yesterday with a little help from my friend --- the dog, Luke. To begin with here is a photo of the wreath on the front door ---

Usually I get a few big pumpkins and put them on the steps to the front door and call it a day for decorating for Halloween. But this year I decided to put one of the planters I had at my old house in my garden on the front porch for some Mums and pumpkins. Since I like to sew DH bought this old rusted Singer sewing machine base at a barn sale and I painted it and he built a planter for the top. At my old house this was in the back garden. At this house it was on a side porch and not really in use so I cleaned it up and put it on the front porch. Filled the planter box with dirt and two bricks. Put my Mums on the bricks and then covered them with the straw. Bought a small pumpkin to also put in the planter box:

Then I bought very small pumpkins to scatter in my front floral garden and I put a couple of them on the steps to the porch. . .  I really liked using them as they are small and can fit in planter pots and the like. . . .  but apparently I am not the only one that likes how small they are....

Every time we let Luke, the puppy dog, outside he grabs the little pumpkins by their stems and carries them all over the yard. . .  so clearly I will be re-thinking locations for the little pumpkins. So much for the little help from my friend for Halloween decorating -- ;0)  TFL and YOLO

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