Thursday, October 30, 2014

B00 Day Bowls

Just finished the B00 Day bowls I put together for the gals at work and I took photos to share what they are getting tomorrow. Did not want to use a bag or the pumpkin shaped pails so I went to the dollar store a few weeks back and bought each gal a bowl for a dollar. Put paper shred, also from the dollar store, in the bowls and then loaded them up. Wrapped each bowl with tulle and tied a ribbon to close it and here is what they look like all together and then a closer photo of two of them:

Each of the bowls have loose candies but they each have a Hatagorie that holds a Tootsie Pop, then a candy holder made with the Envelope Punch board (it has the skeleton paper) and that holds a Fun Size Hershey candy bar, then each bowl has a Matchbook holder that holds a Fun Size bag of plain M&Ms. The sparkly ghost was cut out using the ghost die from Sizzix and I had put them on a wooden craft spoon that I had painted black. Here is what these items look like:

Also here is a better photo of one of the Matchbook treat holders. When I put that together and I used the stapler to attach the bag of Fun Size M&Ms inside I did not like seeing the silver staple on the bottom front of the holder so I used a Sharpie black marker to go over the staple so now it is black and not noticeable:

And of course what holiday is a holiday without new jewelry???????????? So I made everyone a Ghost Pin --

Happy Halloween to you and yours -- B00 to you!   TFL and YOLO

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