Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holiday Treats

Well . . .  this really is not my fault . . . I had to go in the store anyways so . . .  at holiday time what card maker would pass the candy aisle without seeing what is new out there that we can make new treat holders for ?  ? ?

In the past I have made Snuggets which hold the Hershey Nugget Candies -- and here they are:

These are made using white/GP card stock, a small snowman face stamp from, and a bath glove from the dollar store -- where everything is a dollar. I cut the white/GP card stock to wrap around the nugget candy and while it is flat I stamped the snowman face stamp on that using black ink. Then used an orange marker for the nose. Put this stamped piece around the nugget using a glue dot to keep it closed. Used scissors to cut off the fingers on the glove and that is the hat. Added a small sparkly pom pom and they are dressed for gift giving. Love those guys and too cute . . . but a Snugget is a Snugget anyway you look at it . . .  until I walked down the candy aisle at the big W drug store . . .  and there they were . . .   just waiting to come home with me and be part of the Peppermint Family and here they are:

These are Lifesavers that are peppermint and the packing reads "candy cane". How I made these is used a ruler to measure the length of the label on the Lifesavers -- I wanted my white/GP piece to cover the candy label. Then measured the width so it would wrap around the candy. (My approx measurement is 3 3/8" long x 3 1/2" wide).  Since this is a circle you are wrapping I ran my white/GP card stock over the bone folder so it would not be so stuff and it would go around the candy easier.

I laid this piece flat on the work table and stamped my snowman face stamp on it. Used the orange marker for the nose. Put red sticky tape on one edge of the white/GP and wrapped the white/GP around the Lifesaver roll and closed it. Using ribbon I put that round each roll and tied it in a knot trimming off the ribbon ends with scissors.

For the hats here is a photo of the gloves from the dollar store I used:

Clipped off the thumbs and put them on the Lifesaver candy rolls like a hat -- put a glue dot under the 'hat' to hold it to the white/GP wrapper. Used a mini glue gun and added a white pom pom to the hats to dress them up. Quick and easy and peppermint candies are always popular at Christmas time. Am glad I had to go to the store and found the candy cane Lifesavers --- TFL and YOLO

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