Friday, January 23, 2015

Craft Room Organizing . . .

Love to organize the craft room with everything in its' place (has that EVER happened?). . . a place for everything and everything in its' place  --  or something like that.... Love finding new storage ideas that can be adapted to your own space and all works well . . .  until it doesn't.

Here is a glimpse of how I store my embossing folders:

This is one of the two white cubbie drawer units I have on my craft room counter to hold the embossing folders:

The green notebook on top of this unit has a sample inside of each embossing folder pattern. With the drawers open you can see I made dividers for the folders with the manufacturers name and title to the embossing folder:

And all was well and worked well . . .  until it didn't. . .   More and more of the craft companies are making larger embossing folders than the usual 4 1/4" w x 5 3/4" high, approx. Then if  you add the M-Bossabilities folders from Spellbinders .. (those are 5 1/4" w x 7 3/4" high, approx.).  These larger folders do not fit in the white cubbie drawer units so the time had come to make some changes. But
what to use???

Did not want to ditch the folder dividers I had made and labeled. So checked around and found that Close To My Heart sells their Large Organizer (item Z1834) and this organizer is great. It is clear plastic so you can see into it without opening it. It has a latch closure with a handle on top for moving around and I have two of these and they are stackable. They take up less space than ONE of the white cubbie drawer units I was using so not only do I have a new system that holds all the sizes I have but they take up less space. Here is a photo (not too good but) showing the two units stacked on the craft room counter:

and this photo shows the closure latch and top handle that can stand up or lay flat:

Still have the binder with baseball card sheets inside to show all the patterns and embossing folder titles so it is easy to find a folder with a pattern I am looking for:

The samples are not in alphabetical order or anything -- just made a sample for each folder as I acquired it. In the white cubbie drawers the folders are in alphabetical order by folder title with the dividers I made.

I also bought an embossing folder from Close To My Heart which is my first embossing folder from them. It is their Heart embossing folder and here it is next to an embossing folder from Stampin Up to show the size difference:

The Close To My Heart embossing folder on the left also has an opening on the fold of the folder so you can use a longer piece of card stock -- IE  12 x 12  for a scrapbook and such. For this photo to show this opening I used scrap card stock:

The folder on the right is Stampin Up and it does not have the opening on the embossing folder fold so you can not continually emboss your pattern onto a longer piece of card stock unless you fold your card stock and then the fold line would show.

This photo will show the shorter Stampin Up embossing folder, the Close To My Heart embossing folder, and then the white Spellbinders M-Bossabilities folder. As you can see they vary in size but all of these folders fit into the Close To My Heart larger organizer without any problems and can stand up so you are not wasting space in the organizer:

And also a photo of a sample piece of card stock I ran through the Cuttlebug with my new Hearts embossing folder and it embossed nicely:

Now I will transfer all my embossing folders from the two white cubbie drawer units, side by side on my counter, to the two stackable boxes from Close To My Heart. Hoping that does not take long as I want to make some Valentine items as well. TFL and YOLO

Update: Here are photos of the embossing folder storage boxes done:

Closed and stacked:

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Lisa Barefoot said...

Love how you used the organizers for this project!