Friday, January 9, 2015

Glittered Nuggets

Have always wanted to make glittered nugget wrappers but a lot of the glittered card stocks are too pricey or the card stock and glitter is too thick to wrap around the chocolate candy nuggets. But I still wanted glitter nugget wrappers. . . so where there is a will? There is a way . . .

It all began with glittered gift wrap:

A roll of red and a roll of silver gift wrap -- half off and waiting to be made into something. But I wanted to also make glittered hearts so it all began with Cheerios:

Flattened an empty box of Cheerios. Cut a square out of the box and ran the ATG over that. Then cut a square piece of red glittered gift wrapping paper and put that onto the Cheerio box square:

I have put adhesive on both the plain card board side of the Cheerios box as well as the printed side of the box and the adhesive works quite well on both sides so you can use either or. Once I had the glittered wrapping paper on the card board piece I took two heart dies from Spellbinders and cut them out using the Cuttlebug:

Here are red and silver glittered hearts cut out using the cereal box, wrapping paper, and heart dies:

Also -- many of the glittered card stocks for sale are too thick to use a punch on them -- so I decided while I was making glittered hearts . . . .   that I wanted to make glittered hearts that I could use my punches for. So decided to use a piece of white/GP card stock and cut it to the size I wanted and then ran the ATG over that for adhesive. Cut a piece of the glittered wrapping paper the same size and put this on the white/GP card stock and now I can use my punches for glittered shapes. Have tried a few different punches and they all work and it is not too thick. So now to the nuggets:

Used the glittered gift wrap as nugget wrappers right off the gift wrapping roll -- using my ** "junk" trimmer I cut my red and silver gift wrap into 1" wide x 3 1/8" strips to wrap around my nugget candies using glue dots. Made a tray to put the nuggets on and then used a pretzel bag from the candy making aisle at the craft store to put them in. Used silver ribbon to tie the bag closed. Trimmed the extra bag off above the ribbon using scissors.

For the tag -- I used the MFT Blueprint Tag Builders 2 die set and I cut out a tag from red card stock. I did not want the tag to be very long so I trimmed some of the bottom off of the tag length. Used a piece of the hearts Washi Tape that I just got at the dollar store to put across the top of the tag. I had also picked up a package of Valentine stickers and I used those for the tag as well. The greeting "happy valentine's day" is a stamp from the SU stamp set Good Greetings. Tied the tag on the nugget bag using more of the silver ribbon.

The wrapping paper is not stiff so using it for nugget wrappers is easy as it bends to the shape of the candy nuggets. I have the glittered wrappers on the candies using glue dots.

**"junk" trimmer:  this refers to my Fiskars black and silver paper trimmer that I use for anything but my regular card stocks --- I have cut lightweight card board with it, plastic sheets with it, glittered gift wrap with it and basically anything other than my card stock. This trimmer cuts pretty much anything and is easy to use for the odd items that need trimming.  TFL and YOLO

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