Friday, January 9, 2015

Perfectly Cute for Valentine's Day

Want to thank Mary Bellis for "thinking out of the box" for this project or perhaps for thinking out the jar --- Kay Kalthoff made a video on YouTube for these and of course . .  you know how that goes --- watched the video and made a "sample" of the project and then made some changes but kept true to the main pattern -- here is my version of Mary Bellis' brainstorm of an idea for a Valentine's Day treat holder:

Used the Perfectly Preserved stamp set and matching dies. For my red card stock I used Stampin Up, the white is GP, and the white with hearts is from the Paper Studio at Hobby Lobby. Since I used the printed card stock from Hobby Lobby and since it is lighter weight than the red card stock I cut out a piece of the white/GP card stock and covered that with adhesive using the ATG. Then I put the heart print on that and smoothed that out to be sure the papers were stuck together. Then I cut out my jar lids.

Pieces needed for this project:

Two heart lid pieces
Two stamped and cut out jar pieces
Valentine Greeting
Glittered heart
Banner dies
Jar die
Lid die

To begin with if you watch the video you will see there is a hole/window in the front of the jar and also on the backside of the jar. I did not want a hole/window on the backside of my jar so I just made a hole/window for the front. I also did not like making the notch for the inside holder for my nugget holder so this is what I did:

First I stamped two red pieces and cut them out using the jar die in the Cuttlebug. To get around making the notch for the inside holder I used red sticky tape on the center part of the inside holder--this is the center of the bottom. I put the jar onto the red sticky tape. Then to make the hole/window in the center of the jar I used the Large Oval punch from Stampin Up and punched out an oval from green card stock. Using removable adhesive I put the green oval on the center of my red jar and pressed down so it would stick in place. Punched over the green oval and now I had a centered oval in my red jar piece:

Also -- when I punched over the green oval on my red jar front the punch made the "notch" I would need at the bottom of the jar so you can not see the card stock insert in the oval hole/window. So this saves a step when making this.

Once my hole/oval was punched, I then put red sticky tape on my box piece sides and made the box for the inside of my holder. Then on the other side I added the red sticky tape and put the back jar piece on and then closed the back box piece to form the box for the nuggets. Using 1" x 3 1/8" pieces of the hearts print card stock I covered four chocolate nugget candies. Put them inside my jar holder. Using a piece of red sticky tape I put the heart lid pieces on the jar front and the jar back pieces. Cut the small piece of red card stock to go on the top of the nugget candies to hold them inside the jar piece. Tied a red ribbon around the heart jar lids and have that kept in place using a glue dot. Trimmed the ends of the ribbon with scissors. Here is the photo of the back of this holder:

For the greeting I used the Stampin Up Teeny Tiny Wishes (another MUST HAVE stamp set) and stamped that onto white/GP. Cut it out using a banner die in the Cuttlebug. Put that on the jar front using a glue dot. For the glittered red heart -- again that is white/GP covered with the ATG for adhesive and put red glittered wrapping paper on that and used heart punches to cut out my heart shapes. The heart is on the front using a glue dot. Added red crystals to the banner piece.

Again a BIG thanks to Mary Bellis for sharing her great idea and to Kay for making the video --- TFL and YOLO

Here is a photo to show the size of this too cute nugget holder:

and the holder again:

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Cindy said...

Hi Candee,
I just love "perfectly preserved" but I could never come up with other ideas. The Valentine jar is adorable. Thank you for sharing. Cindy