Saturday, January 31, 2015

Perler VS Pony -- the beads of it all ---

Ran errands this morning and picked up Pony beads to make the larger enamel dots like the ones I used the Perler beads for --- once again used the toaster oven outdoors and for the larger Pony beads I had the temperature at 400 degrees and it took approx 8-10 minutes to melt the beads, depending on the colour and the shapes --- here is a photo showing the Perler beads and the Pony bead:

These are red beads. The smallest bead on the left is a Perler bead cut in half and melted. The middle bead is the full Perler bead melted. The largest bead on the right is a full Pony bead. All three have very good colour and shapes. All three are flat on the bottom for easy adding to your projects.

While out and about this morning I stopped at Joann Fabrics and picked up a bag of the translucent sparkly Pony beads:

Being translucent these bead do not take as long as the solid colour Pony beads to melt into the the enamel dots. Once again I suggest when you are melting the beads to pay attention to the clock and the oven as to not cook them too long. I melted these also at the 400 degrees:

The photo is dark but these beads are sparkly and melted well. But not to settle for just that... I decided to make flowers:

Used solid and the translucent beads for the flowers and as you can see below the translucent beads took far less time to melt than the solid beads:

Then made more of the translucent flowers:

As you can see in the above photo I used a solid white Pony bead for the center of one of the flowers and that bead did not melt as fast as the translucent. The flowers will be great for a tag, a bag topper, on a binder clip or large paper clip and such. Fun to make and another way to use the beads . . .

Once again the Pony beads are smelly as they are melting but at the higher heat it does not take long for them to melt -- once again I melted same colours together as the darker colours take longer than the lighter.

Other items I bought today:  Plummer's Gasket -- from Lowes Home Improvement.... Cherry Tootsie Roll Pops from Walgreens, gem hearts bling from the dollar store, and Washi tape from Walmart....

Will be back tomorrow to post the projects I am using these items for but wanted to add the posting for the Pony beads. TFL and YOLO

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Anonymous said...

Candee, Thank you for all the info on Perler/Pony bead melting. I had seen an article on this, even purchased large container at HL, pony beads I have from Grandkids. I hadn't tried melting as I understood about the smell. My toaster oven is a basic one and my climate dictates I wait till summer as I believe I will need to melt in the oven. Appreciate all the additional info you have provided on so many subjects.
Hugs and smiles, Reva