Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Yesterday I posted the post about the used bookcase that DH revised for me for my Stampin Up stamp sets since I had pared down my collection of over 300 sets. I took photos (post below this
one) to show the sets on the shelves in alphabetical order by clamshell box size.

Reva asked me a question about the coloured dots on the clamshell cases next to the titles and what are they for?

Many of the stamp sets have titles that really do not describe what stamps are in the set -- here is a master sheet I made up with coloured dots and these dots let me know what stamps I can use for what occasion:

For instance -- this stamp set:

Tiny Talk is the name of the stamp set -- it could be about babies, or maybe one word stamps or whatever. But here is the set:

The green dot lets me know that there is a stamp in this set for Christmas -- "happy holidays". The yellow dot lets me know these are all word stamps, and the blue dot lets me know it is a stamp that I can use with a snowman stamp -- "Let it snow".

For this set:

Just for Fun is the stamp set name -- but what are the stamps?

This stamp set covers a lot of seasons/holidays. It has a witch for Halloween (BOO Day) so it has an orange dot, then a red dot for the heart for Valentine's Day, the golden yellow is for Thanksgiving which would be the leaves/acorn stamp, and of course the blue dot for the snowman.

Not all the stamp sets have the dots as I use more sets more than others and so it goes -- I also have these dots on some of the SU cling sets I have --- in this photo I have a bright yellow dot to tell me that Petite Pairs is a stamp set of words:

In this photo you see the dot on Petite Pairs and next to it is a dot with a "P" on it -- that dot lets me know that I have the matching punch to that set -- which is the Petite Petals stamp set.

So this explains the dots on my stamp sets -- thanks for the question and your blog visit, Reva.

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MaryH said...

Well you are just too bloomin' organized. You need to come visit me, and help me get even a start on being this organized & clever!! Going down to see what that handy guy did with the bookcase! TFS