Friday, January 9, 2015

Ribbon Storage

Had removed all my ribbon from the spools/rolls they are sold on and I kept them in clear plastic jars with lids for two reasons -- so I can see what I have and the lids keep them dust free. Simply open the jars and pull out the ribbon you want. . .   until it gets tangled and knots form. . .

This is a photo of two jars with the ribbons inside and then the center jar has yellow ribbons wrapped around wooden craft sticks -- this will certainly be a project that will take time to complete but using the craft stick method keeps the ribbons from tangling and you can easily what ribbons are in the jar. Here are photos of the ribbons in the yellow ribbon jar:

Mikes sells a big box of these craft sticks --- in a box of 200 or 1000 so no matter how many ribbons you have you can buy the craft sticks cheap. I used various stick pins from my sewing room to keep the ribbons wrapped around the sticks. Good idea but again am thinking it will take me some time to complete all my jars . . .    :0{    ... but can you ever have enough ribbon?? TFL and YOLO

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