Saturday, February 7, 2015

Craft Paint Holders

Had a couple of the small craft paints bought at Mikes and others on sale here and there. . .  then before I knew it, I had more craft paints. . .  they outgrew the basket they were tossed in... outgrew their space on the tool caddy from Harbor Freight. . .  so something had to be done.

I went to a used stamp supply sale and picked up this wooden holder just for the craft paints. This holder holds 30 bottles of the paint  ---  thought this would be a really good holder and brought it home only to find out it does not hold the M Stewart brand of the craft paints due to the top she has on her paints. So her paints ended up in a basket and the other craft paints went in the new-to-me wooden holder, upside down:

Here is a photo to show the craft paints and the one from M Stewart, showing the top:

The wooden holder was fine and worked well, until it didn't. If I needed a craft paint I would have to look in the two places to see if I had a particular colour or not. Also the wooden holder had to be flat with the bottles upright -- if I were to stand it on it's side the paints would fall out. But it was what it was and I reasoned that at least all the paints were no longer tossed into a basket . . .

Then I stumbled across the craft paint holder from Priscilla on her blog Hers is made using PVC pipe cut into 3" lengths and she painted her holder pink. I showed a photo of this to hubby and right now? My holder is drying out in the garage and eventually I will have to decide on a colour to paint it --- here is DH's holder for me:

He made a backer board for mine so the paint does not fall through since I am not sure if I will stand it up or lay it flat for storage. To make it he bought a 10' piece of the 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe at the home improvement store. Cut it into 3" pieces. Used E6000 (VERY smelly) glue to put the PVC pieces together and on the wood back. It is outside setting up right now.

Here is a photo showing I can put the craft paints in with the top in first or the top sticking out:

DH has five rows of the PVC pipe pieces -- a row of 6, then 5, then 6, then 5, and ending with 6. This gives me 28 spots for the craft paints:

Thanks to Priscilla for sharing her idea and how-to's on her blog. This is a cheap holder and DH said it did not take long to cut the pieces and glue them together. Now for what colour to paint it. . . . but for now I have a new home for all my craft paints. ... thanks to DH.... TFL and YOLO

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CJ said...

Very smart idea. Can't wait to see what color your paint it.