Sunday, February 8, 2015

Painted and in place - - -

Moved things around in the craft room and made room for the craft paint holder DH made me yesterday. I painted it white so that it blends in with the white JetMax cubbies and it is all full now. I am glad to have it as now I know I have four bottles of black and two matching colours of the red. So this new holder will let me see at a glance what colours I have and what colours I need to buy. Here is the holder:

Once I had that in place I moved my jars of ribbon next to this holder on top of the JetMax cubbies:

As I had mentioned in the post about this new PVC craft paint holder DH had used the E6000 adhesive to put it all together in the garage. After five hours the adhesive still had an odor but I am happy to say now that the holder is painted you do not smell the adhesive. My holder holds 28 of the craft paints and I doubt I will be needing more than that as I only use my craft paints for card projects and clothespins and wooden shapes, but again, if you have a lot of the craft paints you can make your holder as large as you like. I am happy DH put a piece of wood on the back of my holder so I can stand it up as it is or turn it on it's side and both ways the holder is stable and does not tip over or wobble.

Happy to have my all my craft paints in a holder now and out of the basket. Thanks to DH for all his work and to Priscilla for sharing her idea and pattern. TFL and YOLO


Brenda said...

That is a nice holder Candee! I have done the same thing for my markers/pens. Then painted mine white too, never thought about using it for paints though. I love it as a paint holder!! Hugs, Brenda

Anonymous said...

The PVC rack looks great and I can see it (in different diameters) being used for markers, tools and all kinds of crafting items. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and smiles, Reva