Tuesday, February 17, 2015

SHOCK . . but simple solution. . .

Last year our new puppy, Luke, was only a couple of months old when we got our first snowfall of the season... the snow was less than an inch and light and fluffy and he thought it was all a game. . .

Then last night we began with rain, freezing rain, then snow, and ending with freezing rains. This morning I took Luke outside and he was not too happy ---- as you can see from the first photo that we have about an inch of snow but on top of that is a layer of the freezing rain so Luke is walking on ice:

Not too sure what to think of this but he was thinking how to tackle this. . . First he decided he would just lick it all gone:

Gave up on that idea as this is too time consuming.... then decided just to dig through it:

Once he did get down to the grass what is a dog to do but to eat the snow he dug through? So simple solutions to everyone's snowy and cold winter this year --- lucky the sun is out now and the temps are rising. Less work for the dog -- haha.... TFL and YOLO

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