Saturday, February 7, 2015

The "Lits" of it all . . .

Thinlits, Framelits, Flip Its, Triplits. . . . the "Lits" have it all . . .

Used to be if you wanted to make a "Step Card" you would have to figure out your base, then the pieces you needed of printed card stock to decorate the front and "steps" of the card. Then all the smaller pieces you would want to use to decorate your Step Card. Time consuming, but a cute card in the end.

The metal dies were usually made by Spellbinders and Sizzix made the larger/thicker "bigz" dies for Stampin Up, Tim Holtz, as well as the Sizzix line. More and more companies were now on the market with their stamps and metal dies to match and so it goes. . .

Then Sizzix began to sell their series of the Flip It/Thinlits/Framelits dies. They have a die series that will make the Flip It card with circles, another one with squares, another set with a fancy label, and now the Step Up die set:

This is another "Flip Its" die set in a series of card base dies Sizzix sells. The designer of this series is Stephanie Barnard. She is a card maker and she really understands the card maker and products and what we card makers want in a die set. The above die set is brand new to the market and it is called Card, Friends Forever Step Ups. This die set has 23 dies in it -- it is sold in the Sizzix plastic envelope that they sell their dies in. All the dies in the envelope are loose and I did not want to store them in the envelope alone as I was concerned that some of the smaller dies could fall out of the envelope so this is how I store my Sizzix Flip Its and such:

Again, above if the die set. Now here is a photo of all the dies offered in this set:

All 23 pieces --- I do not want to store my Sizzix Flip It dies like the other metal dies I have (the others are in Art Bins with the magnetic sheets). So for these dies I cut a piece of magnetic sheet (I bought a package of these at the office supply store) and I have all the die pieces on this sheet:

Once I have all the die pieces on the magnetic sheet I slide this into the Sizzix plastic envelope with the cover sheet for the die set. Then using the label maker I label the envelope with the title of the die set:

Bought a clear plastic refrigerator bin from Beth, Bath, and Beyond (using a coupon) and I keep the Sizzix die sets in this bin, all together. I have some of the larger card base dies as well as the smaller die sets for accessories. Stephanie Barnard has designed other accessory die sets to be used with these card base dies -- I have the Banner and Flower sets:

And I store these smaller accessory dies the same way with the magnetic sheets inside the envelopes:

All the Sizzix Flip Its/Triplit dies are together in the bin:

Stephanie Barnard also has her own company -- TSOL. The Stamps Of Life. She was at the convention center scrapbooking show last August in Charlotte and a few gals and I went for the day. I had discovered her stamp company just before this show so it was nice to visit her booth and see all the stamp sets she has, and her matching dies for most. Every month she comes out with new stamp sets and dies on her website so she keeps changing things up. She also has videos of all her new products on YouTube so it is nice to see the new items being used.

The main thing about the Sizzix Flip Its series is that all the pieces you need come in the die sets and they fit together well so you are not having to trim a piece or anything like that. Her Flip It card base dies cut well and the pieces go together quickly. Once your card is done you can see all the details her dies have cut for a card shape.

Mikes sells some of these Sizzix die sets and remember you can use coupons to buy these sets and the accessory dies. TFL and YOLO

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