Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine Treat Cups

To begin with all the Valentine cards went in the mail on time -- :0)  -- that is always a good thing. . . and here are photos of the treat cups I am taking to work for the gals I work with:

Bought a pack of three plastic red cups at the dollar store and inside is their white shredded paper for filler. Then inside I put:

a box of the Brachs candy conversation hearts, then to the left is the Flap Over Tootsie Pop holder I made, lower left front are Hershey nugget candies, then to the right of that is a treat bag of Hershey chocolate candy hearts and kisses.

The above photo is shows the nugget candies that I wrapped with hearts card stock from Hobby Lobby. I made a "channel/tray" to put the candies on. Then put this all in a pretzel bag from the candy aisle at the craft store. Tied silver twine in a bow to close this and trimmed off the excess top of the pretzel bag with scissors. Using more of the red glittered wrapping paper I punched out hearts and put them on the sliver twine with glue dots.

Again this photo shows a treat bag, also from the dollar store, and as you can see it has a zip closure at the top. Inside I put chocolate candy hearts and kisses, tied it closed with a sheer pink ribbon, and then cut off the zip lock closure with scissors:

To begin with I tied Valentine ribbon around the cups and kept those in place with a glue dot under the knot in the front. Trimmed the ribbon by the knot. Put the paper shred into the cup to fill it about half way then added the little treats. Once I had the cups done I then put in loose chocolate candy hearts and kisses around everything in the cup -- here is photo to show the cups all full:

Keep it simple -- get cups for your containers, used holiday baggies for wrapping candies, and let loose candies fill around your treats in the cup. These went together quickly as really all I made were the Flap Over Tootsie Pop holders from card stock. The wrapping of the nugget candies with the printed card stock does not take long and then just filled the baggie with candies and tied a bow. It is mostly chocolate so I am sure the gals will like it. TFL and YOLO

The above photo shows a couple of the Flap Over Tootsie Pop holders I made for this holiday -- one of the left has printed card stock on the front and the top flap has Washi Tape. The red holder on the right I embossed the front of the holder and used a holiday ribbon to close that.

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