Saturday, March 14, 2015

The filling station. .

Went to the thrift store this week and picked up my 2nd remote control/desk organizer -- this one was $3.00 and my first organizer is on the work table and this second organizer will stay on the end of the ink pad counter.

In the back row of this holder I have my two chompers, then my brown craft mat rolled up, and next to that is 1/2 of my stamping Darice mat. The mat is large so I cut mine in half so I have one for this holder and one for the other holder on the work table.

In the front row of compartments on this holder, starting from the left, are small spray bottles that I filled with my stamp cleaner -- this is 1/2 water to 1/2 Simple Green and this cleaning tip was told to me by a Stampin Up demonstrator who was tired of spending money on stamp cleaners. I have used this for many years and this even cleans long-time inks off of used stamps I buy off Craig's List.

In the center front is my StazOn cleaner and on the right is a glass jar and my heat embossing tool. I like having these two holders as it keeps my work/stamping areas cleaned up and it helps to keep things organized. . . . well, until I start stamping again --- haha.  TFL and YOLO


Colleen said...

What a clever idea. I even have a couple of them desk organizers somewhere.
I need to see if I can find them and put them to good use instead of collecting dust.(I wonder where hubby put them)

MaryH said...

This is so cool, and what a great buy for some wonderful storage! You are the Queen of Bargains! Thanks for the gorgeous St. P's day card. Will be sharing that on the Friend's Cards tabs on my next post. Hope all is well up your way. We've had some lovely spring weather the last 4 days. Hugs & TFS