Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tool caddy and stuffs --

After the Pare Down of the craft room --- weeded out lots of Stampin Up stamp sets, ink pads, wheel stamps... then weeded out punches and other stamps from other manufacturers... Sizzix and SU dies... then the odds and ends of the craft supplies I really don't use -- but what to do with it all?

Figured since I have bought lots from Craigs List for my craft room that I would start selling my excess supplies on Craigs List. To date I have sold quite a lot of items and my wallet and craft room are happy --- :0)

After I pared it all down --- organization was needed -- so here are a couple of things I worked on -- first were the Stampin Up sponges for my SU inks. I keep them in a craft box that usually is used either for cross stitching floss or maybe jewelry supplies. I have bought a couple of these containers at the thrift stores so it is really cheap to buy them. Used the computer to print up all the ink colours and used that print out to label my compartments for my sponges -- and to save space I have the daubers that I have used on the ink pads in with the sponges in the boxes:

Since I have a few of these boxes for the sponges I have typed up all the colours and printed that out and then cut that and used double sided tape to put that label on the top of each box. This way I will know which box has the sponges in that I am needing to use:

Now for the tools for all of this:

This is a Pampered Chef utensil tool counter top carousel. I bought mine used. I keep it on the ink counter in the craft room --- and it holds a lot. I have it sitting on a turntable from the kitchen section of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The Pampered Chef carousel rotates but I think it is smoother with the turntable under it.

In my tool caddy I have various scissors, my awls, my wall paper seam roller, my craft tweezers, my pencils -- stored upside down so the points don't break and with the pencils upside down they do not mark up the caddy. I also have my bone folders in there, glue sticks, and Bic white out pens -- I use those to make white dots on dark card stocks.  Also a make up brush -- in the silver -- that I use to brush off excess chalk when using chalks on a project. Here is another photo:

This is a sturdy carousel and well worth my $$ -- esp since it was used. Brought it home -- washed it off and once dried loaded it up. Keeps tools off the counter and keeps tools together that I use all the time.

As for selling stamps and supplies and such -- once you make the decision to weed out supplies and such you are no longer using keep in mind that any $$ you should make you can use towards more supplies you know you will use -- or maybe use the $$ for a new Cricut, Cameo, etc. Maybe for buying the new 9" wide Sizzix Big Shot? Glad I have weeded out -- too many things were just taking up space in my Craft Room Warehouse -- as the DH calls it. TFL and YOLO

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