Saturday, May 9, 2015

All I asked was . . .

Asked DH if I bought a hanging planter could he hang it from one of the posts by the many birdhouses he has built and placed in the yard?

What began with a hanging planter on a post:

Is now this:

DH put in the retaining wall blocks in an oval shape around a PinOak tree he planted a couple of years ago that is near the post for his birdhouse. My job was to plant and mulch and so I did. I have decorative grasses planted along with many flower containers and a Hosta in the center.

The tall planted pot is sold at Home Depot and probably is a stand and bucket for ice and drinks but I had DH drill holes in the bottom and back side for drainage and then I planted the various flowers. I have enamel pans that I picked up at the thrift store for a dollar or a few -- scratched but perfect for the garden. Once again holes were drilled in those for drainage. Added a few unearthed rocks to the garden to fill in here and there and to add texture to the garden.

A few Saturdays ago we stopped at a neighborhood garage sale and picked up this bucket for one dollar --- of course DH knew I would use it for a planter on the front porch by the door --

Just glad the new garden is in as it adds to the yard and it is nice to have flowers growing again.
Of course took me less time to plant the new garden than it took for DH to lay out the blocks and create the oval but it looks good already -- and now for the grass seed around the garden. DH is clearing more of the property so more grass will be planted and that will be nice. TFL and YOLO


Brenda said...

What an awesome hubby you have Candee!! I love your beautiful new flower bed, it looks so pretty. Loving all your plants, flowers and pots, just beautiful! Love the one on the porch too! Hugs, Brenda

Candee said...

Hi Brenda -- Happy Mother's Day to you also. As for the gardens each of them have different pots and such -- whatever I can find cheap is what gets used. They all add interest and I have found in NC containers are the way to go as flowers don't survive in the clay soil in the ground. Trial and error the first year but since then the containers have really helped. So glad we are having the warmer temps for all the flowers to grow in -- thanks for your blog visit, too! Candee P