Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Treasure Trove

Once upon a stamping time, long, long ago, when stampers had to be more creative with their cards... No dies were available, nor Copic markers... The tools of the trade were a ruler, scissors, chalks, and sponges... A card maker had to rely on their imagination and know-how to make that card front come together. . . Mulberry paper and raffia were the 'go to' products to finish the card fronts. . .  When Stampin Up sold very few punches and the ones they did sell were McGill punches. . . but as time passes, things change yet remain the same . . .

Yesterday I was able to go to the new location of a local recycle store that had recently moved to. I had gone to their other store in the past but it was a very small store front and it was hard to really find anything due to space and volume of what they had taken in as donations. But now they have a store front at a local mall and plenty of space. Roaming through the store I saw a lot of interesting things and picked up a couple of cross stitch pattern books for a dollar each. Around the corner from that section was a spinning rack that held magazines, old knitting books, and on the backside . . .

Here is what I found ---

Stampin Up catalogs from 1997 and up to 2003. Happy me as I flipped through the catalogs -- I came across older stamp sets that I have bought used from garage sales. Could never really find many projects made with these stamp sets since they are older --- but now? I have the catalog they were sold in and each catalog is a Treasure Trove of ideas -- from stamping to layouts to trims/bling to colour combinations and such. Here are the catalogs:

From 1997:

From 1998:

From 1999:

From 2000:

From 2002:

These catalogs are great to look through as they are loaded with ideas -- cards, projects, tags, and such. Here are a few photos of the pages of these catties and some of their ideas:

Cute how they used the checkered card stock behind the chicken and other stamps from this set. Also the stitching around the card stock front -- done long before sewing began on card fronts with a sewing machine.

This light house card could have been made today --- all the details on the card front --- looks like they used a background stamp for the white card front and then the colouring on the stamped light house piece and then the wooden bollard and bird put in front of the light house piece adds dimension to the card front.

This card is also neat -- looks like they stamped the basket stamp and cut that out with scissors and put it on a card front using pop dots --- behind the basket it looks like the artificial moss from the craft store. Very creative and certainly adds interest and texture to this card front.

Fun card for a teacher --- cute card front layout using the stamps in this set. Clever how they used the single stamps in the set here and there on the card front -- plus the colours are cute together. 

Once I decided on what catalogs I was going to buy I looked for prices -- there weren't any prices on the catalogs nor a price sign on the spinning rack. So I took the catalogs to the register to check out and asked how much were they? The clerk looked at them and said "Normally the catalogs would be $2.50 each but these are really old so they are only a dollar each" -- SOLD..... 

Happy to have these catalogs jam packed with cute ideas and such a help for the older Stampin Up stamp sets I have acquired over time but could not find projects made with them. Also, compared to the catalogs of today,  these projects are very creative and more artistic as punches, dies, and other tools were not available. But as we all know one good card front can inspire us for many to make for ourselves. Love these older catalogs -- but one problem? Love some of the stamp sets in the catalogs that are no longer available... but I guess that is where Ebay comes in the picture -- haha.

Good to have these catalogs for times when you want to make a card .... but where to begin??? So what is old is new again... ideas are on the pages waiting to inspire --- TFL and YOLO


Brenda said...

I even recognize some of those old catalogs Candee! lol Recognize the stamp sets as well. It is funny how much paper crafts have changed over the years. But it is also nice to see how much imagination had to go into a card from that time period. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Brenda

Anonymous said...

Great find! I use Google image search and Split coast stampers ( for ideas using my older sets since I only have a few newer catalogs.