Saturday, July 18, 2015

Have scoreboards.... will travel

Good morning today with DH on the hunt for tools or car parts. He stumbled across a make-shift flea market with about 10 sellers present and he pulled in. What had caught his eye from the road were car parts. Although he did not find the parts he was looking for he did get a Craftsman accessory for his table saw so he was happy.

While he was walking around I tagged along. Found this table, on casters, under an old printer for sale. No price on the table but I asked the seller and she said $10.00. Problem was I did not know if the size would work for me.

DH always has a tape measure in the truck so I went back to the truck and picked that up. Went back to the seller that had this table and measured it -- I needed to be sure that my score boards would fit in it since that is what I would use it for.

The score boards would fit so I paid for it and brought it home. Wiped it all down and in the craft room it is:

I have the Scor Pal 1/8" board, the Stampin Up Simply Scored score board, and two Marth Pal's. (The score board by Martha Stewart):

Not all score boards are the same. First I have two of the Marth Pal's as I call them as one was for my craft room and the second I used to take to my stamp clubs and classes. The Stampin Up score board I bought used for $10 including the diagonal plate and the extra markers. Then the new 1/8" Score Pal is for different projects. Many of the projects for the SU score board do not work using another score board but there was no way I would pay for a new SU score board that includes the diagonal plate and the extra markers as that is too pricey for me  -- but I was lucky to get it in excellent condition used at a great price on Craig's List.

Also the Marth Pal score board measures things differently for boxes and such so I have that score board as well. Used to be I would have to clear off a spot on the counter or table top to be able to put the scoreboard out and score my projects. Now all the score boards are together and now I also have a table top to put them on to score my projects.

Happy this table has casters as now I can move it all around the craft room if I need to. Plus it also helps to centralize all the score boards in one place so when I am working on a project I can grab the score board I need to use. Thanks to DH for seeing the car parts from the road otherwise I do not think we would have stopped to shop. TFL

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